Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm Going To Bed Early Tonight

I did it again. I stayed up throughout the entire night and read a book from cover to cover. I don't know why. I was pretty restless all day yesterday and at the same time I didn't want to really do anything either; again, I am a living contradiction. I normally fall asleep on the couch with my dogs around 9pm or 10pm at night while watching the television. If I can't fall asleep and know that I really need to, I will pick up a book and try to read a few pages. This strategy is normally a winner.

Last night, I could not get myself tired and since it was a weekend night, there was no particular reason for me to have to go to sleep. So, I stayed awake and watched random tv shows on E! and Bravo that I have never watched. I finally got restless with the mind wasting tv and decided to opt for sleep. It was just past midnight. I made sure I had my glass of milk I like to have every night before I go to sleep. I picked up the book my jenny-poo suggested I read, got snuggled into bed with my warm doggies, and agreed to get through a chapter of Eating the Cheshire Cat.

I finished the book just past 8am without even realizing the night had completely passed by and the sun had already started to sneak out from behind the clouds. My doggies were waking at this point and were insistent that I feed them immediately. I closed the book as I read the last lines, I let out a big ole sigh, I got out of bed, and I fed the little pumpkins their breakfast. I debated on whether or not I would go about my normal day and stay awake since this would be the normal time I would be emerging out of my slumber to start my day even on a Sunday. I knew that jenny-poo would be calling in a few hours so that we could venture out for some shopping. I knew we would be going to Toys-R-Us, so I decided to take a nap.

Just before 11am, I am awaken by my phone ringing. jenny-poo is confirming our shopping date. I can feel the lack of sleep instantly hit me and I scold myself for staying up all night reading...again. I force myself to get up because I had been looking forward to shopping with jenny-poo and I knew that I desperately needed to get out of the house. I had to capitalize on this opportunity. I made a pot of coffee, I took a shower, I made some biscuits and gravy, and I wrote in my journal. I did all this before jenny-poo showed up at my house for some girlie shopping fun.

Now, I am about to reveal something to you that may be difficult to comprehend. It may be inexplicable. It may be unbelievable. But, it is so very true. Today was the first time I had been in a Toys-R-Us since I was a child. I can't even remember ever going into a Toys-R-Us ever, but I am sure that I did as kid. But, today was the first I had been in a Toy-R-Us as an adult. jenny-poo had to do some Christmas shopping for jakey-poo and I am normally pretty willing to do anything for that dang kid. I love him. So, Toy-R-Us we went. I entered uncharted territory...the big unknown, the large abyss...

jenny-poo says she can't take me anywhere. I played with everything and was in awe with everything. We went to wal-mart to find a few more toys, and I was the exact same way. I am going to blame the lack of sleep for my kid friendly delirium.

I had so much fun today. It was go go go and it went by so quickly. I know now that I can endure Toy-R-Us.


Oh, dear. Michael Phelps is on 60 Minutes. I have lost my train of thought.

Keep on Keepin on.

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