What is Babalou?

I've flirted back and forth on changing the name of this blog.  The name "Babalou" was not something I conjured up after hours of contemplating the perfect name to reflect me or my blog.  The name was spawned and chosen out of pure convenience.  It has little to do with who I am really.

This blog was started as a college assignment.  I enrolled in an intercession course in my last year of school in a class strictly focused on blogs.  This was before the popularity of blogging really went mainstream and became such an important tool for social media, marketing, and business.

This 1st assignment:  create a blog and give it a name.  I was stumped.  It was probably around 2am.  I remember sitting at my writing desk in my bedroom with only my table lamp lit over my laptop.  I barely knew what a blog was, let alone what I wanted my blog to represent.  I sat for maybe 10 minutes tops looking around my room for inspiration and scrolling through my mental Rolodex.   I landed on a tiny little liquor bottle sitting on my desk as decoration.  It was a little bottle I had brought back from my trip to Berlin a few months prior.  On it it bright letters was "babalou".  I said to myself, "that works", and that was that.

Since then, Babalou has grown to be my outlet for everything I experience, everything I love, and everything I feel needs to be shared with the world.

Keep on Keepin on.

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