Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Be-lated Halloween!

Hope everyone got treats and no tricks yesterday. I thought I would share some of my Halloween photos with you. My three friends and I were Average Joe's from the movie Dodgeball.

Can anyone guess who who my friend with the long black wig is supposed to be?

And a Sean Connery from SNL's Jeopardy skits and a Mexi-can.

And we had an adorable little Juno.

Too bad we didn't have a Hot IT Nerd in the mix.

Keep on Keepin on.


C said...

OMG!!! You guys are just toooooo adorable! Must be fun hanging out with you girls!!!

Love the Dodgeball and Juno costumes!!!!

P.S. The word verification for this post is: pateutic. LOL! WTF?

Deb said...

hahaha! i love some of the word verifications! they can be so funny! you always seem to get the good one's though. lucky!