Thursday, March 12, 2009


My mind and body are beginning to feel the lack of blogging. I've become incredibly scatterbrained, restless, anxious, unable to focus, and exhausted from all the above. My lip has the herp again (cold sore). I know when my lip gets the herp that I need to slow down and take some time to relax. And what's more relaxing to me other than sharing TMI with the world...or the handful of you that might actually read this blog (or lack of blog) on a semi regular basis? Well, probably sleeping or yoga or a massage...all with a glass of wine somewhere in there of course...but I'll blog for right now.

So, what's been going on lately? Well, as many of you may know or have caught on to because I have the brightest readers ever, there is a new VIP in my life. He's super uber special and I think I might keep him around for quite awhile. Now, as many of you also know, sometimes I can develop temporary moments of Tourettes, but this is most times a good thing. I have created wonderful nicknames, songs, and accents from my sometimes condition. So, randomly one day while I was sweetly beckoning the new VIP, somehow I called him "Sparky" out of no where...and it has stuck. So from now on, he will be forever known as Sparky in this blog...unless my sometimes Tourettes creates some other wonderful concoction of a pet name.

So, in formally introducing Sparky to everyone, I will share some photos of this past weekend. Although Sparky has a real job in which he is forced to sit at a desk in a cube just like myself, he spends his free time not only with me, but with cycling. You know? The Lance Armstrong Tour de France kind of cycling where groups of men cycle around in spandex because they love it so much. And let me tell you something...I love it too. I never thought I would say this...but boy oh boy oh boy...I love some FIT cyclists (key word being fit) riding around in's pretty darn sexy. Just saying.

This past weekend was my first experience at a Sparky cycling race. I had one of the best times! Although the first day was windy and cold, I loved watching all the different races and I especially loved being there to support Sparky. I know he loves it and enjoys it, therefore I do as well. AND...even though I would only see Sparky for a split second when the pack would come around for another lap, I was so excited every time the pack and Sparky would come around for that second. I learned a lot about road racing this past weekend and I learned that Sparky is pretty dang good at it too. I might elaborate or brag on that in the future. For now, enjoy some photos from my first ever Sparky cycling race.

The Team

Riding to the start line

Waiting to start (and lots of fit men in spandex)

Sea of Spandex...Wait...I mean...Cyclists


Racing by for a second

Awwww...Babalou and Sparky

The pic of the trip

Keep on Keepin on.