Our Dogs (Motley Crew)

I am a Bagle...that is a Basset Hound/Beagle.  Isn't that the cutest combination you ever heard?!  I am pretty much the cutest thing you will ever see and you will love me the instant you see my wrinkly stubby little legs.  My legs are my best features along with my long ears and my doggie eye liner.

I am the only boy in this motley crew.  I'm definitely a ladies' man.  The humans say I have an awful stench that won't go away, but the ladies love my manly scent.  I may be the oldest but you all are just lucky to have me around because I just get better with age.

I am a Besinji mix of some sort.  My dad says he found me as a stray hanging around a barn he was working at when he was younger but I think he's full of it.  I would never be found in such awful circumstances.  I am a princess and would never have live any other way.  I love to be clean and wish I didn't have to share by bed, treats, or humans with any other mongrel.  I can even yodel and it always makes the humans happy.

I'm a chocolate Toy Chihuahua and I rule this casa.  This casa revolves completely around me and I always get my way.  My cuteness always suckers my daddy into getting what I want, but my mommy is a little more difficult to convince sometimes.  I have a special talent of standing on things and posing for photo opportunities.  Adios!