Thursday, September 30, 2010

Makes Me Want A January Wedding...

but I won't.  I don't like winter that much.  But, this song is soooooooo absolutely wonderful and sweet that I might actually consider a winter wedding.  lol.

The Avett Brothers sing this song and they are wonderful musicians if you ask me.  I know you didn't ask me...but let's just pretend you did.  Plus, there is something about the way the lead singer sings his songs that makes me believe every word and that he thoroughly enjoys what he is doing in that very moment. 

The Avett Brothers - January Wedding

Keep on Keepin on.

Home Is When I'm In Love With You

I started out my morning by telling Sparky that he needs to start searching for love songs.  So this morning, while I got ready for work, Sparky diligently started to search for love songs.  It was a great way to start the morning!

I thought I'd share with you my favorite love song choice that I found...not Sparky.  This song is my favorite right now that will definitely be included in our wedding...considering we're probably more than likely going to have it at our home!

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes - "Home"

I hope it brings a little jig to your step this morning!

Keep on Keepin on.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Planning Blues

So I've started to forge full speed ahead on my wedding planning and have quickly come to an exhausting-totally defeated-don't want to deal with it mental hault.

First of all - I've never really had a "dream wedding" mindset.  So, I knew this whole figuring out what I want thing would be very difficult for me.  I mentally started to prepare myself months ago and I'm still dumbfounded with myself.  I warned Sparky that I would need at least a year to just figure out what kind of wedding I'd want... let alone plan a wedding.

So, with many incredibly useful wedding blogs and sites literally at my finger tips, I feel like I've developed my style in my head.  I chose a dress long ago that I felt would be absolutely perfect and still to this day, even after considering many others, I return to this one dress.  So, at least I am consistant on that one far.

I'm a nervous wreck when it comes to being the center of attention or speaking in front of even one other person.  So, obviously, the thought of a big wedding ABSOLUTELY wigs me out entirely.  My palms and forehead begin to sweat just thinking about walking down an aisle with hundreds of eyes staring at me.  Totally not for me. 

I'm a frugal freak.  That is a pretty big darn element in this whole process.  Sparky and I are trying desperately to stay under a particular budget; and although I'm creating this stress ball for myself, our budget is one thing I really want to be successful in keeping.  I'd much rather spend our extra money on our honeymoon!  ...which btw, I think we're doing a honeymoon registry rather than a traditional registry. 

I've decided I need more support, advice, and ideas.  I'd like to flirt with the idea that many of you may know me A LOT better than I know myself, and with me jumping on the wedding band wagon so very late, I'm sure there is a wealth of wedding planning exprience out there that I can utilize.  So feel free to share your enthusiam and ideas everytime I post about all this wedding mumbo jumbo.

But for now, I thought I might share with you my wedding planning start-up.  I know some of you will totally get a kick out of this and admittingly relate to my planning/organizational woes.  So, what was the first thing I JUST HAD to create for myself before I moved full speed ahead??

come know...

A wedding planning BINDER!!!!! yay!!!

So far, creating the actual binder has been my favorite part. 

The process of actually finding narrowing down stuff to put in it has been a completely different story...and causing me to eat a lot of chocolate. 

Binder Beginnings!

Outside of my binder.  I haven't had time to make an official cover...yet.  So for now, an 8x10 photo of Ruby's backside brings me happiness...and Sparky slipped in a little piece of his two cents in there as well.  awwwww....

Inside of my binder.  Open up this gold mine to find the most important thing...our budget sheet.  woot woot! 

This is the "Gown" tab.  Yes.  I have very specific typed up tabs that coincide completely and in order with the budget sheet.  I probably shouldn't be showing you this tab as it reveals my most consistant dress choice...but I just don't get all ba-jiggidy about that stuff.  I have a print out of the dress I love because my moither is actually going to make it for me.  So, obviously, I have material and specifics underlined as well as the local fabric store information.

What the heck is this you ask?  This is located under the "Reception" tab.  This is a very detailed and measured CAD drawing of our backyard.  Oh, yeah, baby.  Tables, chairs, yard dimensions, decks, pergolas, tree, house.  yup.  It's all there.  So, as you've figured out by now, we are seriously considering having this small shin-dig right in our own backyard.  More power to us right?  We must be crazy.

I have few other tabs with a few little things here and there...photographer options, rental places, guest list (actually, our guest list is a working excel sheet that automatically adds my numbers for me), food menu..blah blah blah blah and...

More details...and I'm sure come!

Keep on Keepin on.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Proposal: Simple and Sweet = Perfect

Ok. I’ll get to it.

Sparky only made me wait what seemed to b a VERY LONG week. I did my best to keep mum about when he would officially ask me if I would marry him. I am an extremely impatient person at times.

Sparky and I are extreme creatures of habit. We normally dine every Friday evening out our very favorite place, The Wedge Pizzeria on Western Ave in OKC. We love the outdoor patio and pizza!

Sparky had asked me months ago if I had any special requests for a proposal. My request was simple. I said I’d really prefer it to be very quiet, intimate, personal, private, and us. I didn’t want anything embarrassing or cliché. I just wanted something simple that represented something he and I do regularly. Thankfully, he listened. One week ago, last Friday evening; we of course went to The Wedge as usual. We sat on the patio at a small two person table amongst many strangers. We did our normal; ordered two waters, a large Trois Pistole with two glasses, and a personalized pizza.

After we ordered our pizza, our normal conversation time started and in the midst of it, he officially asked me if I would marry him. He reached into his little pocket and pulled out the sparkling antique ring and slipped it on my finger. We both reached across the table to give each other a sweet “we are engaged” kiss and it was perfect. Sweet and Simple.

Shortly afterward, the GM of The Wedge, Elena, came by our table like she normally does to just say hello and check how we are doing. We told her that we just got engaged minutes before and she was surprised and ecstatic! She went and told one of our favorites waitresses, Heather, and she came by shortly afterward to give us a congratulations and hugs. They really are just sweet people there and it helps that we see them once a week! Haha!

Now, I normally say I do not like surprises, but Elena and Heather surprised both Sparky and I; and I will never forget them for it. After Sparky and I finished our dinner, I jokingly whispered to him, “Hey, I think we might get free gelato out of this!” - btw...I love their gelato. I love gelato period, but their gelato is extra super delicious to me for some reason. Anyway, then, Elena and Heather came from around the corner. Elena was carrying a HUGE plate of various gorgeous decadent desserts and Heather was toting a bottle of champagne and four small glasses! The desserts included red velvet cake, carrot cake, strawberry cake, chocolate cheesecake, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, another type of really tasty cookies with vanilla icing and chocolate drizzle, and fruits! They popped open the champagne and toasted to us, “To our favorite Wedge couple!” We were so flattered and so incredibly delightfully surprised! I said to them that I didn’t even know they had all those desserts available! And they don’t. They went down the street to another restaurant under the same owners, call the Deep Fork, to get the desserts!

Elena and Heather get super uber kudos from both Sparky and I!

So, there you have it...our ring search and our simple and sweet perfect engagement evening.

And what you all have been waiting for...the ring...

Now, let’s plan a super fun and chic wedding!

Keep on keepin on!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Proposal: The End of the Search

My heart was only broken for a split second. The wonderful Randy Parsons of the Antique Avenue Market quickly showed me his newest addition to his jewelry collection. It was almost exactly identical to my previously thought dream ring...but this was even more beautiful! This new ring had a band slightly older dating back to the 1880’s rather than the 1890’s, but it was still 18k white gold. The band also still had beautiful engravings on the sides but this time the engraving included very delicate little flowers. It was still a single diamond, but it was slightly larger being 0.67 carats rather than 0.52 carats and this diamond was a mine cut diamond also dating back to the 1880’s. oh, dear. On top of all fit my ringer.

Btw...I have pretty fat fingers. I’m not proud of this; it just is what it is. I never find rings that fit me without needing extensive sizing. Therefore, I just don’t really bother with them. Plus, my fingers swell a lot. I know TMI. But, I just need to stress the fact that this ring already fit perfectly. So this one fact is amazing all in itself.

Anyway, I went home to break the bad news to Sparky that my ring was gone...but he lucked out that there was another I loved that was bigger and even more beautiful. He felt bad, and a bit embarrassed that the other one got away, but relieved that I was so easily satisfied with the new find. I waited...

And waited...

And did even more waiting.

I didn’t dare go back to the to the antique store in fear of the ring being sold again.

I was starting to get frustrated and was just going to scrap the whole idea all together and accept the fact that I’d be searching for another ring soon.

3 months total had passed since he first told be to start searching...sigh.

So, two weeks ago, Sparky and I went on one of our weekly lunch dates and I suggested (jokingly) that we should stop by the antique store. He surprisingly agreed because he wanted to see this ring and see if it was still there or not.

I was so nervous. I was so afraid that we would walk in and sweet Randy would tell me we had missed out again. My palms were more sweaty than usual. was still there!!

I tried it on with Sparky there beside me, and he absolutely loved the ring also. He agreed that it was a very special ring for a very special lady (wink wink). Haha. just kidding. But, seriously, he too thought it was just perfect and the right fit was an absolute anomaly for my tree trunk fingers.

And he got it! Right there. During our last minute stop before we headed back to work. He first asked me if it would ruin the surprise for me if he went ahead and got with me there. I, of course, said “heck no! I hate surprises. This is perfect!”

But he wouldn’t let me have it.

He tucked it away and hid it from me...

To be continued...again... :)

Keep on keepin on.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Proposal: The Search

Sparky and I have been discussing getting married since probably around last, for about a year.  We've been talking about where, when, and how and are pretty much on the same page for our perfect nuptials...small, intimate, personal, casual, fun, and very us (which is a whole ball of separate adjectives in itself).

Just like the proposal...

If anyone knows me, you know I do not like being surprised AT ALL.  I always think it's so cute when others get surprised because most people enjoy it to some degree, I'm guessing.  But not me.  I am in no denial that this is the control side of me out in full force, but I just feel the need to be in-the-know of what is going on at all times if it has to do with me.  Sparky knows this about me and totally "gets it".  Thankfully.

This past July, Sparky told me during one of our weekly Sunday morning breakfast outings and wedding discussions that I have full permission to go search and choose the perfect engagement ring for myself.  I could go pick it out and then he would go buy it.  Perfect!  I'm incredibly particular about jewelry... and don't like most of it to tell you the to be able to pick out a LIFETIME ring that I would enjoy wearing was the perfect strategy.

I instantly knew that I wanted an antique.  I definitely want this whole wedding exeperience to include themes with recycled and re-used elements.  I love antiques used in modern and chic ways, so I did not hesitate to head over to my favorite antique store, Antique Avenue Market in OKC located on N. Western Ave.  My mother was with me on this first visit and I tried on and got used to the idea of having to wear a ring from my Sparky.  I narrowed it down to three very different and distinct rings and pondered on it for awhile.  A week later, I took a girfriend with me again to the same antique store.  At this visit, I realized the perfect ring and style for me.  It was an 18K white gold ring from the 1890's with delicate engravings on the sides of the band and a single 0.52 center diamond.  After I made my final decision, I told Sparky about my most perfect find and the waiting began.

...and continued.

...and went on...and on...

I told Sparky that the ring would be sold quickly if he did not act SOON.  His mother told him the same.  He kept saying that the ring would still be there and to just be patient.  He didn't think anyone would beat him to it.  He truely believed that this unique and gorgeous and perfect ring would just sit there in the glass casing with no other buyers to fall absolutely in love as I did.

until finally...

I went back to the antique store with another girlfriend to find baby furniture for her...and my perfect ring was...

SOLD.  Gone.  Forever.  and.  Ever.  and Sparky was NOT the one who purchased it...

To be continued...

Keep on Keepin on.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Yup.  That is my super duper announcement that I have been impatiently waiting to reveal to everyone!  Sparky and I are engaged.!  Yay!  We made it super official over the weekend. 

This will be us in about a year's time! (via Max and Margaux's Wedding from OnceWed)

Details of the Engagement moment and of course "the ring" are soon to follow. 

Keep on Keepin on.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Good Times: Baby Style

Babies, Babies, Babies.  Doesn't it seem like they are everywhere lately...or at least on their way?  I'm thinking that with all the snow blizzards and ice storms this past winter, there were a lot of homebound people trying to prevent cabin fever...if you're picking up what I'm throwing down.

Any-who-bee.  I have one friend who has her baby girl due this upcoming Tuesday, September 14, 2010.  Miss Piper will join us in this crazy beautiful world and I can't be more excited for this little bundle to arrive and to hopefully be priviledged enough to show off her beauty on this blog!

Another precious baby girl, yet to be named, will join us in early to mid October.  I'm so anxious to see what name her parents choose for her.  I think it is so wonderful that her parents are going to try to wait until the moment they meet her to choose her name.  I think that will be so amazingly memorable for the family!

With all these sweet little girls on their way, of course there is also one little boy.  Mr. Jaxen is probably anxious to meet all the older women that will be in his life!  tee hee.  Mr. Jaxen will arrive in mid-November, probably just in time for a Thanksgiving feast.  Did I mention Mr. Jaxen will be my kind-of cousin since he belongs to my kinda-cousin through marriage who is also my co-worker who sits two--ish cubes away?  Yeah.  fam.

Actually, I kind of consider all these girls kinda like fam.  Even though they're all super white. 

hahahaha!  kidding!

Ok. Seriously.  They will all be wonderful and beautiful mothers to precious little babies and I'm so excited for all of them.  Since I don't really think I will ever be ready to have my own little wee person, I've been kinda vicariously living through all them.  Trust me.  It's much easier this way.

We've already had two baby showers and another final shower for the mister is in the works.  The two pics below are from Meghan's shower who's baby girl is due in October.

From left to right:  Myself, Bree (preggo with Jaxen), Meghan (preggo with soon to be named chicky-poo), Julianne (preggo with Piper due on Tuesday!!), and Natalie (not preggo, obviously, and super cutie pie with baby plans in the distant future.  She also like to play bingo.  Just sayin.).

Of course there are always fun little baby games at these showers.  I normally lose them all because I know NOTHING about babies.  But this time I rocked the don't say the word "baby" game and gathered quite a few close-pins.  As you can see I only had two close-pins at the time the above photo was taken, but by the end of the shower, my dress had close-pins clipped all the way across.  Oh the powers of eavesdropping and keeping yourself silent.  Muah-ah-ah.

And of course, I'm a sucker for a challenge and I'm normally willing to do the unthinkable and embarrassing things that others won't do...and I'll do anything for chocolate.  Seriously.  Another game was the "guess the melted candybar in the diaper" game.  I just made up that games name by the way.  But that's what the game is.   Anyway, someone wanted a photo of someone pretending to eat the melted chocolate candy.  Of course the "ews" and gags filled the room and then I was like, "OK.  I'll do it."  So, here you go. 

Julianne's facial expression and disgust is the best part.  Totally worth it.

P.S.  A very big announcement is in the works!  To be continued...

Keep on Keepin on.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Note from Chewy

Chewy wanted me to tell everyone that he wishes you (human and canine) a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend!  Hang out on a porch somewhere!

Keep on Keepin on.

Yay! It's September! Which Means....

It's almost Autumn! 

Oh, Autumn, how I miss thee.  You have been in hiding entirely too long.  This past Summer has been brutal with its relentless heat and is just now beginning to show signs of mercy.  The mornings and evenings are  slightly cooler with signs of a nice breeze here and there. 

Are you just as excited as I am about this upcoming Autumn?  It just seems like it will never get here for some reason.  I'm ready to dig out my boots from hiding and wrap my neck with scarves.  Oh.  wait.  I'm so excited that I already whipped out a scarf today and am proudly sporting my Autumn anxiousness.  Judge all you want.  Yeah, it's still supposed to be about 96 degrees today, according to my Weather Channel app, but I'm pretty confident it's about 65 degrees at my work cubicle.  So, since the majority of my life is spent at my work cube, then I will live by it's climate.

I was perusing the local Tar-jay yester-evening and got all giddy when I came upon a row of Autumn decor.  I'm pretty confident that I released a big loud sigh of relief.  I'm ready to get out the pumpkins and hay bales! 

So, here are some Autumn sneak peaks and inspirations for your day.

from Jcrew

from Jcrew

from Jcrew

from Jcrew

from Jcrew

Happy early Autumn, Ya'll! 

Keep on Keepin on.