Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting Fit: Barre3 Style

Being married to a competitive cyclist has it's pros and cons:

Pro:  He's really fit
Con:  He's really fit

Yup.  They are one in the same.  Sparky is always on the move and him and fitness are somewhat synonymous.  Me?  Well.  Not so much.

So, since Sparky is quite the site to look at due to his fitness (in my personal opinion), I GUESS it's only fair that I at least try to be fit as well.  AND because health it kind of important to life and one cannot be healthy without working out to some degree.

The problem I have with fitness is that I get bored very quickly.  I have tried all kinds of activities to get in shape and also to stay in shape.  I get bored and give up quickly.  My list of activities goes on and on:

rock climbing
Insanity DVDs
Month health club memberships
personal trainers
blah blee blah blah

Sparky says I just need to find an activity that I LOVE.  I enjoy all the above mentioned activities and dabble here and there when I'm in the mood for it, but none are really my go-to activity to get me energized and feeling incredibly amazing about myself. 

Last month I discovered Barre3.  I had read an article in the OKC Gazette about it prior to its opening and then my lovely neighbor mentioned last month that she was "obsessed"with it.  DING!  Light bulb!  My new fitness experiment was born.  February 28th was my first class at Barre3 OKC and, now, I too am OBSESSED and L.O.V.E Barre3.  In the short month, I have already started to notice a difference in my abs, thighs, booty and calves...which are the areas that normally never transform!  I always show in my arms, back, and shoulders as soon as I begin any type of workout program so those have definitely started to shape up nicely.

From the Barre3 main website:

Where ballet barre meets yoga and pilates.
Develop the length of a dancer and the strength of an athlete with our highly effective 60-minute workouts. Each class follows a thoughtful sequence for fast body shaping results and long term postural benefits.

From the Barre3 OKC site:

The 3 in barre3 symbolizes balance, a core value of our business, practice and life. Our classes are designed to transform the body to one of equal balance, strength and flexibility. The company we are building is based on the notion that work is a balanced and integrated part of life.

I love Barre3 because although it is incredibly challenging, it's also low impact and almost anyone can do it!  The instructors at Barre3 OKC make themselves aware of each individual and if anyone has specific injuries or areas that may be bothersome.  Throughout the workout, the instructors will give options for each position for comfort in case of injuries and they are also so incredibly encouraging. 
The biggest bonus is that I feel very comfortable at Barre3 OKC and the 60 minute workout doesn't drag out at all...it actually goes by fairly quickly!  I think the music helps a lot to make it fun.  I always find myself either bouncing a little to the music (which I probably shouldn't do!  whoops!) or singing along (which I probably should do either! haha!) 
Anyway, Sparky recently said, "I'm so glad you found something you love".  And so am I.
One of my favorite songs I've heard throughout the workout is Alicia Keys' "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart"....  Enjoy!

Keep on Keepin on.

Friday, March 25, 2011

So Mischievous

It's a gorgeous Friday and I'm so ready for the weekend!  What makes this Friday even better?  I just got the DVD of all our wedding pics yesterday and there are SOOOO many!  So, I am perusing them and trying to figure out how in the heck I will pick out just a few to a) post here on this wee widdle blog and b) which to print to boost our egos every so often.  (They are all so awesome and amazing!) As I am perusing, I'm dancing in my chair to one of my all time favorite jams....a little "Purple Rain" by Prince and the Revolution.  woot woot!  While dancing along to my kickin-ass jam, I came across the following beauties and just had to share.  This is how you get ready for your wedding nuptials, peeps!

Don't fret.  Just Enjoy.

So mischievous. 

Keep on Keepin on.

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Favorite Evil

Today I had to share one of my favorite little knick knacks that I picked up at the antique store this past winter.  Every time I pass these little monkeys I just can't help but giggle or at least grin a little.  So, I had to share to bring a giggle or grin to all of you.

We all know the saying "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil"...right?  right?  But is there a fourth evil?  Apparently so.

Sparky and I came across this little evil monkey thing and couldn't for the life of us figure out what the fourth evil was?!  We were laughing so hard in the store because we were asking everyone in the store if they knew what it was and no one knew! 

Here were some of my first thoughts....

Pee pee No Evil
Touch No Evil
dert dee dert No Evil
Not So Smart No Evil
Don't Be A DumbAss No Evil
Bashful No Evil
Hide No Evil
Tired No Evil

Most of these don't make sense...I know.  But they are fun to say.  There were some other thoughts that you all can probably imagine but we'll leave it at that...

Anyway, I just had to have the little monkey evil thing.  I love their little belly buttons!  I also love how worn it is, especially in the front where the paint is chipped off.  I have it set on the edge of the bookcase by our fireplace so that I walk by it everyday to the bedroom; and everyday it brings a little happiness to my little day.  A friend finally "googled" it and we found out it means....


DO No Evil.

I'm stupid.  It's so obvious now but all the guessing was sure fun!

What would you have thought the fourth little evil monkey meant?

Keep on Keepin on.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Lunch Time Shenanigans

Working for a design firm, even though I am not an interior designer, has many perks.  Greatest perk of all???  Having friends that are interior designers!  I get to tag along to cool home stores and learn about cool home interior lingo and stuff.

One of my friends just purchased a home and is in the midst of remodeling before her cute little family officially move in to their new digs.  So, yes, I've been priviledged enough to join in a couple of lunch time errands with her.  Last week I got to venture with her to look at slabs of granite for her new kitchen counters!  It was uber exciting!  I know....nerd alert, right?

Well, this week was the icing on the cake!   Yesterday I got to join in on a little excursion to the Habitat Renovation Station!  eeeeeee!!!  I'm giddy just thinking about it!  I was a picture taking fool with my camera phone.  I'm sure people walking around thought I was beyond nuts.

What is the Habitat Renovation Station?  It's a great idea is what it is!  Below is directly from their website.

COHFH’s Renovation Station sells new, used and vintage building supplies and materials, appliances, furniture, and other household items.   The Habitat Renovation Station is open to the public. Proceeds from sales go to Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity and we anticipate that Renovation Station stores will fully fund 6 to 8 Habitat houses this year.

This place is not only in place for a great cause but it is also a DIYer's dream!  They had everything from knick knacks to granite scraps!  Items we perused included furniture, kitchen towels, mailing supplies, window curtains, painting supplies, large and small tiles, toiliets, cabinets, dishes, appliances, tools, and so much more!

Be still my heart! Drawers! I have a weird crush on random old drawers. I think they are just so imperfectly beautiful. Especially when they are on rows of shelves to purchase...

There were a couple of rows of doors!  Need an old door?  Need a vintage door?  Need a fairly new door?  Need a glass door?  Need a french door?  Need a sliding door?  Need a storm door?  Pretty sure I saw all of the above...and old shutters!

Need a new to you chandelier or light fixture? Old, brass, wooden, glass? Pretty sure they have it covered.

I have a slight obsession with chairs.  I blame it on the wedding.  These would have been perfect!

Elephant rug anyone?  Sorry...just had to throw that one in there.  tee hee.

Talk about a tape measure!  I'd measure everything in site with this hunk of measuring love.

My chair obsession contiues.  This orange is beautiful!  The left arm was slightly damaged but absolutely fixable.  And it  was only $5!  If only I could convince Sparky that we "need" it.

Need a nail or a screw?  They have all kinds!

One of my favorite moments.  Sink anyone?  So many ideas with all the colorful sinks.  Check out that green sink!  Natalie was eyeing the sink's faucet knobs I think.

They even have various tools.  This tile cutter could be used we or dry and was only $49.  I was eyeing it for Sparky because we are about to do a bathroom remodel.

It was a grand old time with you, ladies.  We should do this again in the near future.
Keep on Keepin on.

Someone Is Being Nosey

Keep on Keepin on.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ruby's Comfort Zone

Scene from my home "office".  Ruby always finds comfort under furniture...yet she hated her crate when she was a puppy.

  Keep on Keepin on.

The "Right" Words

The last few days have been touched with sadness for people around me.  I'm am nowhere near the best person in the "comfort" department and I always feel like I NEVER have the right words to say when sad news is shared.  All I can ever really say is either "I am so sorry this happened to you" or something to the equivalent.  

Many of my work collegues are sad and heartbroken due to the unexpected death of another colleague.  I did not know this collegue very well but his story is sad regardless.  I am sad for those who are hurting right now but nothing I can say will make it better.

I just found out today that one of my newly pregnant girlfriends has lost her unborn baby.  No words can heal that kind of loss in my opinion.  There are no words.

Words may not help in the beginning.  I try my best to avoid cliche statements of supposed comfort and just let that person know if they need absolutely anything that I will do it.  Sometimes it can be so difficult to judge how someone handles and copes with their sadness so I normally do my best to not force them to talk if they don't seem comfortable. 

It does take time to overcome sadness but in both of the above situations, I feel like all people who are hurting right now are coping so well.  It seems that everyone is open and willing to communicate how they feel.  I think talking, remembering, and being hopeful for the future are great prescriptions for sadness. 

I may not have the "right" words.  I may not be able to fix the hurt.  All anyone can do is be there and be supportive however you can.

I hope all is well in all your homes. 

Keep on Keepin on.