Friday, December 10, 2010

Loving Local

After a pretty long and stressful week, I was more than happy to celebrate the beginning of the weekend with some of our favorite things and some new things.

First off, Sparky and I were offered up two free propane heaters from our favorite local OKC spot, The Wedge on western (where we were engaged).  Of course, they were free because they couldn't get them to work.  They said if we could get them to work then we could have them.  Sparky's response, "I'm freaking McGyver"...unfortunately this McGyver doesn't own a truck.  We were able to get a friend with a truck to help us transport the heaters to our home; so we also enjoyed a dinner at The Wedge while in the process.

Afterward, we headed down to the local Plaza District for an art showing and some local supporting.  I was able to score a cute handmade hair pin that I'm going to try to work into the wedding and a handmade Christmas gift for a friend.


We randomly picked out Sparky's wedding band!!!  local and handmade.  Perfect.

It was a joyful and local filled night.  Do you support your local artists and businesses?

Keep on Keepin on.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

I Am Meant For A Flash Mob

Somewhere out there...there is a flash mob waiting for me.
I know deep down that I have been and forever will be...meant for a flash mob.
There exists out there for me...the perfect flash mob.





I am taking secret invitations.  I will audtion if need be.  I would be perfect for your flash mob.

Such as this flash mob sung by a beautiful chorus in Canada.


This dancing flash mob in Liverpool.


This Sound of Music flash mob in Belgium.

I'd be perfect.  Just sayin.

Keep on Keepin on.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Oldie But Goodie: Summer 'Stache

I found this photo of Sparky from last Summer and thought it'd be fun to share it after sharing all of our awesome engagement photos.  I think I took this photo last summer because of the goofy mustache that Sparky grew out and refused to shave for way too long.  This was before the mustache craze hit mainstream and became cool with everyone.

I'm glad those days are over...but they did leave for some good memories.  I'm pretty confident those glasses were a garage sale find as well.

I'll try to get an even more recent pic from this past week's newest trend of Sparky's. 

I love that Sparky...mustache, garage sale sunglasses, and all.

Keep on Keepin on.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Engagement Session: Some Early Faves

Our wedding photographer, Aimee Adams, recently posted a few photos from our engagement on her facebook page.  I'm so thrilled with the photos!  It was so windy, cold, and early when this session took place and it was all worth it!  Her artistic style is so perfect for Sparky and I.  I'm so excited to see what comes together for our January wedding nuptials.  I sure hope it snows!!! 

Aimee says there are about 130 amazing photos total from our super fun e-session.  We should get the rest in about a week.  I will share more of my faves soon after we get them all!

 Keep on Keepin on.

Monday, December 06, 2010

The Dog Days are Over

No!  Not those dogs!  Silly goose you.

Today was not the best day for me.  I arrived home defeated and tired.  But as soon as I listened to Florence and the Machine's "The Dog Days are Over" and I danced around the house with those four little buggers pictured above (with Sparky endearingly and oh so lovingly watching my spaziness)...I felt and continue to feel a gazillion times better. 

So, I'm sharing the change in my mood and hoping it could possibly do the same for another.

Keep on Keepin on.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Walking Dead: Survival Test

Sparky and I have been addicted to The Walking Dead on the AMC channel since it premiered on October 31st.  Tonight is the season finale and I'm so sad and excited all at once. 

So, Sparky and I went to the website in our addicted state and found the Survival Test.  awesome.  I love anything game related.

Sparky and I both had the same results: The Father Figure

You've got live exprience, and your gentle manner, compassion, and wisdom attracted others making you the nucleus of the group.  That's just fine because you need people as mush as they need you.

You've lost alot (both before the apocalypse and after), and a sense of community helps ease your depression and gives your purpose. 

I never thought I'd be this interested in a zombie show, but I guess you never say never, right?

Keep on Keepin on.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

This Years Love

Well, I have 50 minutes left in this day to post a blog.  Since this month's theme is about my mood and life as it is right now, you will probably be getting a lot of posts about music that is representing my moods and life right now.

Sparky and I have been listening to a lot more music lately in preparation for the wedding. Music is already normally quite the fixture in our lives, but it's even more prominant now.  Anytime I hear a song, I try to listen to every word and music note and emotion.  Now, my listening is on steroids.  We just finished watching a random movie on Comedy Central and the movie had a great song during a kissing scene.  It's a song and artist that Sparky and I both knew and loved...but had forgotten.

Now that song is stuck in my head and I have no complaints about it.  It might be wedding worthy somewhere.

Enjoy some David Gray, "This Years Love":

Keep on Keepin on

Friday, December 03, 2010

Pumpkin Muffins

ZEITGEIST. You have 31 days to try to capture the mood of your culture and your life as they exist right now.

Today, I want to capture my mood and life that exists right now with a recipe.

I haven't posted a recipe in a long while, so today seemed perfect as any other day to follow up what's going on with our tummy's.

Work can be a pretty life consuming or life defining aspect of your life.  Many of us spend 40+ hours of our week staring at the same computer, sitting in the same chair, staring at the same people, talking to the same people, saying the same things, blah get what I mean.  So when you work in a world of cubicle heaven hell, one of the sadly exciting days to look forward to is the day of another co-workers birthday.  Well, at least for me.  I can't speak for everyone else.

I soooooooo look forward to birthdays with the group of peeps that have become so dear to me not only at work, but in my real life.  The people one works with can become either your worst enemy or your life savers.  Luckily for me, I have the latter.

Today is a triple threat b-day.  Every work birthday is an excuse for everyone to break out their baking, culinary, and/or creative skills...a nice break in a monotous world of government contracts.  One friend shared her yummilicious recipe and it is now forever in my mental rolodex.  It is so simple and scrumptious and it would be devious not share.

Pumpkin Muffins
1 box yellow cake mix
1 can pumpkin mush
1/4 cup water
1/2 bag of cinnamon chips (or butterscotch chips or white chocolate chips)
ground cinnamoin (as desired)

Yes, I buy a lot of store brand products if I can't find it organic.  If i'm going to waste my calories and ingredients I might as well do it on a budget.  I'm cheap.  But you know what?  They are scrumptious!

Cinnamon Chips.  These little buggers had me running around ragged. 

Mix cake mix, pumpkin mush and water in a bowl until smooth.  Add ground cinnamon as desired and mix.  Add 1/2 bag of cinnamon chips and mix.  Bake at temperature and time directed on cake box.  DO NOT MAKE CAKE AS INSTRUCTED ON BOX. 

I baked the normal sized muffins at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. 

How delicious does this look??!!

I also made quite a few mini muffins.  These actually turned out great especially for grazing at work.  I baked these for 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.  I just kept checking on them.
It is so simple that it feels like you're missing something!  My friend's recipe said to sprinkle the ground cinnamon, but I had a great accident and dumped about a few tablespoons worth of cinnamon in my first batch.  whoops.  THEN, I had the most difficult time finding cinnamon chips around Thankgiving (I went to three different grocery stores!) and ended up settling with butterscotch and white chocolate chips.  They turned out AMAZING...if I do say so myself.  Everyone in Sparky's family was asking for the recipe. 

This has turned out to be Sparky's new favorite snack.  He claims that there is something evil in might be the cinnamon.

So I decided to make some for today's work birthdays and they have been a hit.  I finally found some cinnamon chips during my normal trip to the grocery store right after Thanksgiving.  This time I made a batch with cinnamon and another batch with butterscotch chips.  They are both fabulous.  Sparky prefers the butterscotch. 

Give it a try and don't be afraid to make mistakes or changes.  You never know when it could turn into a beautiful or yummy mistake!

Keep on Keepin on.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

"You're a part time lover and a full time friend..."

ZEITGEIST. You have 31 days to try to capture the mood of your culture and your life as they exist right now.

Today, I want to capture my mood and life that exists rigt now with a song.

I'm actually going back a few years, but I know must of you will go, "oh, yeah"  or "awww" or "ohhh" or ..."that's silly".  You'll probably just click off and move on without any thought whatsover.  However you choose to react, I'm in the mood for The Moldy Peaches' "Anyone Else But You" sung by Michael Cera and Ellen Page from the movie Juno.  I just crack up at the thought of Michael Cera in his short yellow running shorts and Ellen Page walking around with the huge bottle of OJ.  Plus, I love the words to the song.

Favorite line at the beginning:  "You're a part time lover and a full time friend..."

Keep on Keepin on.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


So, I think I am mentally going to truly attempt a marathon...a blogging marathon...again.

I did my first and only NaBloPoMo blogging marathon two years ago in November.  I took a month long hiatus right afterward.  I have been wanting to attempt another marathon ever since, but my everyday for a month blogging skills are seriously lacking. 

I saw this month's theme on NaBloPoMo today, and I thought, "what the hey..."  Whatever that really means.

The theme you ask?  Zeitgeist


NaBloPoMo says, "The theme for December is ZEITGEIST. You have 31 days to try to capture the mood of your culture and your life as they exist right now. Use every tool in your blog box: words, photos, music...?"
Let's see if we can learn and indulge this splendid concept together this month. 

P.S.  I predict I will fail this "post everyday for a month" concept...umm....tomorrow.

Keep on Keepin on.