Thursday, October 30, 2008

I AM....

An absolute social retard. Please don't be offended by my use of "retard"'s nothing personal.

There are a few particular instances that prove my social retardedness.

Scene 1: I'm coming back to work from lunch. Just minding my own business, I am walking to the elevator. Of course, Hot IT Nerd is walking in my direction toward the elevator from the other entrance of the building. He is pushing some dolly thingy, I am sure he has been moving Hot IT Nerd computer equipment around. He pushes the dolly toward me and asks, "Hey, do you want a ride?" I am sure that I am bright red in the face...and of course I go absolutely mute. All I can do is smile and let out a retarded school girl giggle. In my mind I am thinking..."That's what she said" and "You betcha, you Hot IT Nerd, you." sigh.

Scene 2: We are finally in the elevator. There is another IT person with him and it is the three of us going up to our floor. Of course, I find a way to huddle in the corner of the elevator and try to pretend that I don't exist. The two of them are standing pretty close by for some reason. Hot IT Nerd says, "I am so ready for the weekend." Keep in mind that I am competely aware that this is an opportune moment ask, "Oh, do you have big plans?" or "What are you going to do?" or "Has it been a tough week, do I need to give you a massage?" But, no. Again, I go mute. I just smile and nod. He looks to other IT person for conversation after he realizes I am socially retarded. Sigh.

Scene 3: A Monday morning. I walk into my building toward the elevator. Who is standing at the elevator, of course? Hot IT Nerd. My palms start pouring sweat. He says, "Good Morning." I manage somehow to return the gesture. Thank goodness. We get on the elevator and he asks, "Did you have a good weekend?" I manage to stutter, "yes." He asks, "Did you do anything exciting?" I stutter, "No." He asks, "Did you watch the game?" Again, I stutter, "No." And to make my conversational skills even more enticing, I manage to sputter out, "I just cleaned my house." Note: I am a total loser at this point...and it gets worse. As we get off the elevator and walk into our office area, he asks, "That's all? You just cleaned?" and of course, my social retard skills come to play and say, "Yeah, I have no life." OMG!!! Shoot me in the mouth, please! Not only did I make myself out to be a complete boring loser, but I never asked if he did anything exciting over the weekend. He probably thinks I am soooo rude...and strange.

Scene 4: It's a Thursday night. It has been a few weeks since above mentioned Scene 3. I am praying that all is forgotten. I overheard earlier in the day Hot IT Nerd saying he was taking the next day off. My heart was totally broken. I wouldn't be able to sneak peaks at him everytime he walks by my cubicle. As I gather up my things, I leave for the day completely bummed out that I won't be graced with his presence the next day. Again, I am waiting at the elevator. It is taking forever! Longer than normal. I am getting impatient. I hear someone coming. Guess who turns the corner? Of course, Hot IT Nerd.

My palms are instantly drenched in sweat. My mind is racing. I have to say something to redeem myself from scenes 1-3. I HAVE TO! I remember that he is taking time off. Ding. That's it! I should ask if he is going to do anything exciting. Oh, gosh. He's smiling at me. I've lost my train of thought. I smile back. I open my mouth. Nothing comes out. Dang it! Why won't anything come out??!!! I make a noise. What the heck was that? Was that me attempting to talk? I think I attempted to say, "I heard..." but everything I was thinking came out in one big ball of social retard mush. He gives me a funny look. Oh, gosh. He heard it??!! He smirks and tries not to laugh, and says, "What?" I mentally re-charge myself. Get a grip! I tell myself. I say, "I heard you are taking some time off. Are you doing anything special?" YES!! I did it! I said a sentence and I asked about him!!! YES!!!!!

Of course, I am thinking, he is probably going to go somewhere cool and exciting and romantic with his supposed perfect girlfriend (note: we do not know if he has a girlfriend, I recently found out that he is NOT engaged! YES!) Or he is going to hang around and not do much, just be away from work and the social retard that is me. No. He proves his perfect existence is really just that....perfect. You know what he is taking time off for??? To help his grandparents move! That's it. I'm officially smitten. Not that I wasn't before. He becomes Mr. Chatty Cathy and tells me all about where his GP's live and why they are moving. Details. I got details. It was so nice. As we get off the elevator, he is still talking. We park on opposite sides of our building. As he is talking, what am I doing? I totally have to prove my social retardedness. Rather than stand there and keep our conversation going, I start to slowly inch my way the opposite direction!!! What the hell? Since I have recovered from my muteness, my body has to get a mind of it's own??!! Seriously. I can't believe it. He obviously notices that I am inching away. He gets the point. I say, "Well, have a good time off." Like that really makes any sense. And we go our seperate ways. I kick myself in the ass on my way out the door because I totally deserve it.

Scene 5: Lunch time. Hot IT Nerd rarely takes a lunch. He normally heats up his leftovers that he cooked the night before...( I have learned that he is apparently a really good cook. Yes, I am telling you, he is absolutely friggin perfect.) In order to get from his cubicle to the fridge and microwave, he has to walk by my cubicle. I normally try to work my lunch around his so that I can be here for this. Yes, I am a loser. I look forward to this lunch moment that we get to pass a look and a smile. This particular lunch time, I am actually working hard. I have a deadline. I am completely zoned out. I guess it is obvious, because I didn't notice Hot IT Nerd walking my way back to his cubicle. As he walks by, and for some reason I am not noticing, he leans in closer to my area and says, "Don't work so hard." I am totally caught off guard. I am startled. I look up and say with absolute eloquence, "huh?" He laughs. He stops and stands there and he repeats, "You shouldn't work so hard." My palms instantly start pouring sweat as usual. My mind is racing. My heart is fluttering. He is obviously wanting to maybe chit chat a bit. All I can manage to get is a giggle and a "yeah" and a smile. Then I look directly back at my work and scold myself in my head for the rest of the day about how socially retarded I am.

Scene 6: Yesterday. I get an e-mail informing me I have to do some hi-tech IT crap to my computer...that I obviously do not understand whatsoever. Light bulb! I instantly forward the mail to Hot IT Nerd and ask if I really have to this hi-tech IT crap to my computer. He replies instantly, with "I'll take care of it." Be still my heart. My Hot IT Nerd will save me from the hi-tech IT crap and sweep me off my socially retarded two left feet. He's at my desk in a jiff...and might I add...he seems somewhat eager. But, I have convinced myself that he loves saving anyone from hi-tech IT crap and proving his higher intelligence and perfection to everyone...not just me. He is at my desk. He is being my chivalrous IT hero. I LEAVE! What the heck? I go over to someone else's cubicle and talk. There is seriously something wrong with me. Of course, Hot IT Nerd fixes my computer issues very quickly. He comes over to where I am at and explains to me what he did and what I need to do from this point. I must have obviously looked totally dumbfounded, since I was pondering what is seriously wrong with me, because after he is done with his hi-tech speech he laughs and says, "Don't worry. If you need me, I'll be right over there. Just come get me." My heart if fluttering. My palms are drenched. He is perfect.

Of course I can't figure out what the hell he was talking about when I get back to my computer and nor do I want to. I would much rather him come back to my cubicle and stay here forever and ever. Without me asking, he comes out of nowhere. He is standing behind my chair and asks if I figured it out. He really is my night and shining IT nerd. As he stands over me trying to show me hi-tech IT crap on my computer, I am totally in a daze. I am not paying attention to anything he is really saying. I am mesmerized by how close he is to me. He has a bit of a five o'clock shadow going on. His ears are bright red. Why are his ears bright red? This is what I focus on. I don't know how I look or how obvious my gauking is, but I notice the girls I work with are all laughing (they know I have a crush on Hot IT Nerd). They of course think it is hilarious. I am completely incapable of responding to anything he is saying other than a "uh huh" and a nod. That's it. Nothing else. And then he was gone.

So there you go. I am sure there will be many more scenes and proof of my social retardedness because I think the big guy upstairs is using me for his entertainment. Think about it. I never run into the same person at the elevator as often as I do Hot IT Nerd. Coincidence? Or a big joke someone is playing on me?

Keep on Keepin on.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am lucky. I have always been a believer in following my heart and making decisions big or small even if when I weigh my options, I might have an unpredictable future with the option I feel is the best fit for me at the time. Sometimes I feel like I am a walking contradiction, which leaves me completely lost and wondering who I the same time knowing that this is exactly who I am supposed to be at this moment.

I have always been a carefree planner. I like to dabble and appreciate a little bit of everything, but don't let myself get overly obsessed about anything... with the exception of my dogs. I like to know where I am going, where I might go, and be able to choose if I really want to go or not. Yet, I always feel like I have no idea what I want to be and where I might be when I grow up or even next week.

I recently left a job and started a new career with huge "if's", "and's", and "but's" cloaked all over my horizon. The uncertainties, the new work environment, the new responsibilities, the new insecurities, and the pay cut were all so overwhelming. But, I knew that the career change was the best option at the time and I went with it full speed with blinders on. I had the support of the supposed love of my life.

A month later, the supposed love of my life moved out of the house and out of my life. Leaving me with twice the bills and half the income. In two months, my everyday life was completely changed, completely foreign to what I had known for so long. For the first time in three years, I was lost. Completely lost and feeling pathetically alone. I didn't let it get to me. I still got up everyday and faced my life full speed with blinders on.

I am lucky. I was able to realize my self worth. I am worthy of happiness, success, and love; as is everyone else on this earth. I am not the only one with struggles and tough decisions; so many people feel like their world is crashing around them and that they are drowning in life's obstacles. So many people feel like they will never recover, they will never overcome, they will never get ahead; but they will. It is hard to see the beauty that surrounds you when you will only allow yourself to see with blinders on.

I am lucky. I have a friend who is going through a tough almost break up with her fiancee. She was forced to move out of their nice big house and into a single lonely apartment. As we sat in her apartment with her unpacked boxes surrounding us, she confided that she didn't know what to do. Should her and her fiancee try to work it out? She has been seeing a therapist. She seemed to be putting a lot of blame on herself and telling me all the things her fiancee said were wrong with her. I did not hesitate to ask her strongly and firmly what she wanted. Does she want to work things out with someone that makes her feel so unworthy of his time? Does she truly want to be with him? Is she happy when she is with him? When she talked about their relationship, their relationship seemed to be centered around him and primarily what he wanted or didn't want. She needed to focus on herself now. What did she want? Out of a life mate? Out of life?

These are the questions. What do you want? Are you letting someone else's "wants" overshadow your true happiness? I had realized this during my break-up. I didn't want my ex. I wanted someone, but not him. I had compromised too much. Compromise is good, but don't compromise your greater good. What you want out of your life is very important, and the people who truly love you will support your decisions.

I am lucky. I love my job. I love my work. I love my decisions the past few months. I love me. My desk sits on the fifth floor, overlooking grass, trees, openness and pure beauty. I have my moments of doubt. I have my moments of insecurity. But as I look outside over the horizon today, I can't find my blinders. I just see beauty.

Keep on Keepin on.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fabulous Film Friday....Kinda

Ok. You are more than likely going to shun me, point your fingers and laugh at me, stick your nose up at me, or talk bad about me behind my blogging back...but I cannot tell a lie. I have been holding back all my desires to see High School Musical 3...I know...throw your stones. Just get it over with.

I had never seen any of the High School Musical movies and I had never had a desire to...until all the brain washing movie trailers for HSM3 with their cute catchy musical tunes and Zac Efron plastered all over my television screen completely sucked me in against my will. I also DIDN'T catch myself watching High School Musical 2 on the Disney Channel last night during Grey's Anatomy's commercial breaks.

I have been slowly falling in love with Zac Efron for quite some time now and with his 21st birthday last week, I figured it is ok to admit my secret love for him now that I can legally get him drunk...if the opportunity presented itself.

AND, I have convinced myself that he is only with Vanessa Hudgens because she looks like me. (I do what I can to keep myself going every day.)

I probably won't go see HSM3 on the big screen, and if I did, I wouldn't tell anyone and I would probably go incognito. I will more than likely wait for it to go to video and get it On Demand in the privacy of my own home...and I will more than likely sing along because that is what you do with musicals.

And back to my Zac, word is that he is scheduled to play Ren McCormack in a re-make of Footloose!!!! How flippin exciting is that? Seriously, I know I am not the only woman excited about this! Admit it. Don't hold back anymore. This is a safe place. I won't tell anyone. We can go see this one on the big screen together when it finally premiers and we won't have to go incognito. I just can't resist a guy who can sing, dance, and act with gorgeous blue eyes and abs.

All you girls fell in love with Kevin Bacon when you saw him do this...he stole all our hearts. Now we get to see Zac do it!!

Keep on Keepin on.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

30 years

Other than those of you that have been married more than 30 years, can you imagine being married to the same person for 30 years...and still being rediculously in love with them? This thought is far from my comprehension and would seem unbeleivable...except for that my parent's have been married for 30 years as of today.

The story I get from them about how they met is pretty unique. My mom was a wee little 23 year old hot piece of pacific islander/japanese boo-tay, and my dad was a strapping young 34 year old handsome piece of all American hazel eyed goofy white-ness. He was working on the small island minding his own mind, when he saw this beauty from afar. Who was she? My mom. He didn't know her. He had never met her. He was smitten.

She just happened to be home on break from the Catholic college in big ole Kansas. She was staying with her parents on this break. One day she strolled home when one of her little cousins ran up to her frantic. The little cousin managed to sputter out that there was a white man in the house.

Being the gentleman that my dad is, he went to my mother's parent's house, without having met her, asking her parent's if he could, essentially, date her. My grandparent's didn't speak English. I can't imagine what that could have truly been like! How nerve wracking! How brave! How flippin romantic!

Obviously, they dated. They fell in love on a little island. They got married. My mom made her own wedding dress. I couln't even fit into it when I was in high school. It is tiny and beautiful. They had a real island wedding.

30 years later, land locked with no ocean in site, they are still in love. Their children are grown. They have moved many times across oceans and across state lines. They have had mulitple jobs. They have gained weight. They have lost weight. They have cried. They have been fearful of losing the other. They have been fearful of losing a child. They have fought. They have triumphed. They have laughed. They have played bingo. They have agreed. They have disagreed. They have agreed to disagree. They have been proud. They have been disappointed. They have been surprised. They have rejoiced. They have sung. They have danced. They have been silent. They have dreamed. They have loved. They are still in love.

They have definitely set a high standard. I am so grateful to have such loving parents and to have proof that true love really does exist. I'm crossing my fingers to have a love of my own as great as theirs.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Keep on Keepin on.

Monday, October 20, 2008

IM Chat

All I gots to say is, don't talk politics with your co-workers. They will go IM haten on you. Obama hater went too far with carnie on friday with his political stupidity. She is still not over it.

carnie says:
obama hater is talking
carnie says:
I want God to strike him mute
babalou says:
blah blah blah blah. that's all i hear
carnie says:
I guess God has already taken his hair away...
carnie says:
so that is some consolation
babalou says:
ohhhh, ouch.
carnie says:
I will have to settle for shooting mind bullets at him
babalou says:
i wonder if he is self conscious about that?
babalou says:
the hair
babalou says:
not your mind bullets
carnie says:
oh i'm sure he is
carnie says:
about both
carnie says:
carnie says:
no, i think all premature balding guys are self conscious
carnie says:
or in denial
babalou says:
or mccain lovers

Sunday, October 19, 2008

One Of My Faves

I love biscuits and gravy! Biscuits and gravy is one of the best matches peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, Babalou and Prince William. I have biscuits and gravy almost every weekend as should every one else in the world. So, I am sharing with you my biscuits and gravy this morning.

First, you go to your parent's house the night before and steal a bag-o-biscuits from their freezer. mwaa ah ah. My mom said I could, but I don't think my dad knows. I hope he doesn't want biscuits this morning. tee hee. Most of you may prefer regular bacon, but I prefer a little turkey bacon. Make sure you have some flour, milk, a little extra virgin olive oil (or vegetable oil), butter spray, your choice of fruit, and of

I love a good bag-o-biscuits. Why? Because when cooking for one, the bag-o-biscuits allows me to pick how many biscuits I want at any given time. I can just make one, or two, or five. My choice. I like options. Follow the directions on the bag. I won't tell you what to do here.

Fry up your turkey bacon. Sizzle.

Flip your turkey bacon. yum.

Place your cooked turkey bacon on a paper towel to absorb the nasty but necessary grease.

Using the same pan with the remnants from the turkey bacon, lower your heat, then add about a tablespoon of EVOO. Or however much you feel necessary, depending on how much grease is left over from the turkey bacon.

SLOWLY, trickle some flower into the grease and oil. Stir and mix VIGOROUSLY...I really just wanted to say vigorously. But, seriously. stir really well to get all the lumps out. Add flower slowly if needed to make a good roux.

Slowly stir in and mix in milk. Stirring VIGOROUSLY. tee hee. You know what I mean. You can also add some salt and pepper to taste, but I choose to not add S&P as often as I can whenever I cook anything. I am leaving it out today. But, feel free!

Of course, add milk and flour as needed to make the amount of gravy you want. This should do.

This is the second week in a row that I have not gone to the farmer's I have no fresh fruit today. I am resulting to a can-o-cocktail fruit. The sign in the background is from my parent's...they thought it was hilarious.

Then, you check on your biscuits to see how they are coming along. Be sure to open the oven and let all the hot air out...because you can. Not quite done, so we will let them bake just a tad bit longer.

In the meantime, we will check on Rachael Ray because we loves her on Sunday mornings.

Just enough time, the biscuits are perfect-o!

Prepare plate and coffee and eat away. I am only serving myself three of the biscuits, which is a lot. I am saving the other two biscuits to make ham and olive biscuit-wiches for lunch. I love Sundays!

Keep on Keepin on

Friday, October 17, 2008

Some Day My Prince Will will Come..

I came across this article while perusing The Daily Beast this morning. I thought it was quite interesting. I happen to j'adore me some Prince William and I have had an obsession with him since I was a wee little one. I had a huge poster of him hanging on the back of my bedroom door when I was like 15...and I am pretty sure I made my dad buy it for me at wal-mart...sorry, dad.

I am disappointed in the single gay man population...Prince Harry?? I guess he has grown into his man-ness and is somewhat attractive these he is the royal "bad boy"...but I still have an affinity toward my sweet and lovely Prince William. Plus, he is obviously into brunettes because of that silly Kate Middleton chick who is always around him...yes, I know she is his flippin fiancee...but I have hope still.

Anywho, who do you prefer??

Gay men prefer Prince Harry to his brother William

Wednesday, 15 October , 2008, 23:37

London: Prince Harry is more popular than his brother William in the gay community, a new poll has revealed.

According to the ‘Prince Charming’ poll, single gay men would prefer to go on a date with Prince Harry than Prince William, though one in 10 revealed that they wanted to be with both at the same time.

The poll conducted by the dating website revealed that while 26-year-old Wills received 23 percent of the votes, his younger brother bagged the popularity title with more than a third wanting to date him.

However, Wills did win a part of the poll for his choice in women.

His girlfriend Kate Middleton was the most sought after royal date among the nation’s lesbians, with 23 percent wanting to date Kate in comparison to just 18 percent wanting to go with Harry’s girl Chelsy Davy.

Keep on Keepin on.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flu Shot

I just got a flu shot. I can't remember the last time I got a flu shot and I normally don't get sick. I will probably get sick now. ...and my arm is already sore. Son of a biscuit! I should have skipped the free flu shot here at work...but everyone else was doing it and I had to be the lemming that I am and get one too.

Keep on Keepin on.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Day In the Life

I am playing along with Mrs. G and all her wonderful bloggers. We are all blogging about A Day in the Life. Just an ordinary day. My ordinary day is incredibly ordinary, yet I love the simplicity of it. So here goes, boring or not, here is my A Day in the Life.

My wonderful and annoying dogs paw at me, sit on me, and whine, and beg for appx. 30min to 45min while I snooze my alarm and pretend to be asleep. I finally give in and stomp out of bed to feed the little buggers who get to eat everyday before I even begin to think about it. I then go back to bed and let the alarm snooze another 10min.

I finally stomp out of bed again and go through my morning routine of beautifying myself for a cubicle. First, I take a long hot shower in my teeny tiny bathroom. When I get out of the shower, I find that someone named Ruby has made their way back to the bed. Jerk.

After a long drawn out hair and make-up battle in my teeny tiny bathroom, I head to my teeny tiny closet. I stand and stare for a good two minutes at the same clothes I stand and stare at everyday and try to narrow down the outfits in my head that will make me look the most attractive for my cubicle...because I promise you, it really does care.

After the standing and staring at clothes, I then go stand and stare at my jewelry that I stand and stare at everyday and try to pick something different, but end up picking the same jewelry for the previously chosen outfit. This is tantalizing int'it?

Then I decide how I want to smell for the day...because, again, my cubicle cares...deeply.

Then off to work I go. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to take a camera into work, so pics of my wonderful cubicle heaven shant be shared. But just imagine wonderfulness, free coffee, and how good I smell and look while I sit and type at a computer and work so hard all day long at searching for decorating tips for my kitchen and Halloween costumes.

Home, again! My favorite time of day. And who has a cushy life? That would be this girl. But I love her.

After I play with the doogies, I cook myself a good healthy meal. I would normally take a ton-o pics of my food prep...but that would be a whole other blog post in itself...then I forgot to take a pic of my meal before I scarfed it all down. Sorry. But I can tell you about it. Today, we had salmon, rice, and broccoli. We have it about twice a's a house specialty.

And since I had a good healthy meal, I stare at my treadmill and convince myself that it goes perfectly with the rest of my decor.

After hours of our (me and the dogs of course) favorite tv shows and blogging and Internet searching, I let Ruby know that it is time for bed. She looks at me as if to say that I need to carry her to the bed and I look at her back as if to say you are the laziest and cutest dog ever.

To bed we go to continue our wonderful simple life tomorrow.

Sweet dreams.

I would normally walk the dogs after work before I fixed my dinner, but today it was rainy. boo. No walk today. We totally vegged out more than normal.

Keep on Keepin on.

Tasty Snack Alert!

My dad recently went to Oregon to visit my sister and her family. Word is that Oregon is beautiful and perfect and my dad now wants to live there. He is already trying to convince me that I want to move there too...knock, knock, dad...I don't live with you and mom! I have my own home! He apparently thinks that wherever they go, I have to go too. I find it kind of cute, actually.

Anyway, my dad brought back some great little tasty snacks from Oregon. My favorites are these fabulous little cranberry candies!

They are all natural and handmade little jelly tasty delights from Cranberry Sweets & More. Me loves them. don't have to live in Oregon to get them! You can order them online here at their website! I love the internet. AND...they have chocolate. AND...Rachel Ray loves them...and I love Rachel Ray. So there. Rachel loves them, I love them, I love Rachel, you can buy them on the internet, they are all natural, they are handmade, they also have chocolate, I love chocolate. Proof. You have to try them.

Keep on Keepin on.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Can Somewhat Cook...Just Don't Tell Anyone

Breakfast is my favorite meal of any day...even if I have to cook it myself. Actually, I am going to admit, I don't mind cooking too much. I don't love it. I have always been known and teased for my inability to cook, but it has really been my lack of want to cook, but I have tried to keep that one to myself for the most part. I guess the cat is out of the bag, now.

Cooking is a challenge on a daily basis because I am normally cooking for one..just me. I don't like fast food, so grabbing something on my way home from work is really just not an option. So, I have had to come up with easy and somewhat healthy meals that could possibly still be good for my lunch the following day. It is kind of a challenge. I can't eat lean pockets everyday.

I have never had an issue with cooking myself breakfast, though. Me loves breakfast. Normally every Sunday, if I am not at brunch with girlfriends, I am up early and cooking myself breakfast. In the past, I was bad about cooking a breakfast that could feed a family of four. I am starting to think ahead about my food portions as not to waste so much. So this morning, I had an omelet...and I decided to share my omelet making morning with you today.

What am I using in my omelet today? Let's see...three eggs (I would normally just do two eggs, but I am feeling extra hungry this morning), two slices of diced ham, a small handful of chopped spinach (my favorite!), chopped Colby Jack cheese, a little bit of basil, and a little bit of S&P. yum. I normally would add tomatoes, but I forgot to go to the farmer's market yesterday morning. dang-o!

Spray the pan with butter spray. I love butter spray! I use this butter spray on almost everything!


Flip it! Flip it good.

You better prepare your coffee!

Check out the steam!


Can I take a nap even though I just woke up??

Keep on Keepin on.

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Trailer! New Trailer!!

The third official trailer for the Twilight movie coming out on November 21 was released last night. Woo hoo. It is longer and better than the other two is 2min and 22sec of Twilight trailer heaven!!!! me loves it. I am diggin the music.

Keep on Keepin on.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Where I Found Myself

In the damn "Self-Help/Dating" isle in B&N.

I went to B&N looking for the NY Bestseller now a motion picture due out soon, "He's Just Not Into You" by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tucillo...thinking it would be on the front tables for "Bestsellers" or "New Fiction"...But, No. It wasn't even in the old normal fiction. It is inconveniently located in the "Self-Help/Dating" section...right next to the "Mommy" and "Pregnancy" section. Who thought of that????!!!! Seriously. Someone is really being mean. Who thought rationally that placing self-help dating books for the obviously already stressed about not being able to find a husband let alone have a happy beautiful family books on the same shelf as the happy go lucky I'm soon to be a lucky beautiful mommy books? Isn't this supposed to be self-help and not stab me in the heart one more time with a huge thick sword and then twist it around a few hundred times and point your fingers and tell your beautiful children that it is now very polite to point your fingers and laugh out loud at the single girl who just wanted to read a cute funny book that poked fun at girls and their inability to understand men and unexpectedly found herself in friggin Self-help/Dating?

Anywho, the movie looks like it will be really funny and cute.

I never really thought people gave out their "card"...this is new to me. I asked a friend if people actually make and give out "dating" cards...or if they just give out their business cards...because not everyone has a real business know? Apparently, people actually do this. Not me. I've never done it. I am sooo out of the loop.

I need chocolate.

Keep on Keepin on.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I Am A Bad Daughter

I just came to the realization this past Saturday that my parent's wedding anniversary that is coming up on October 23rd is their 30th! Kind of a big deal, right? I don't know about these things. Now I am in severe panic mode because I should have already started planning some kind of a shin-dig to celebrate 3 flippin decades of marriage and putting up with my brother and myself.

I would ideally like to have something cute and small at my house...but my house is somewhat lacking in the spacial categories. It is SMALL. and there is only one restroom. I am guessing if everyone invited came, there would be around 20-30 people. It would definitely be cramped and standing room. Plus, my two dogs would go flippin crazy! Then, there is the option to rent out a room at a restaurant. But, which restaurant? And it would probably be super uber expensive and I already think I am getting an ulcer just thinking about it.

So, I am torn. What to do to celebrate my parent's 30 years of putting up with one another. Any ideas? I am such a bad daughter. I should have started thinking and planning this weeks ago. I am going to find some chocolate.

Keep on Keepin on.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Singin Vamp?

Ok. I don't normally peruse the Perez Hilton sight, but check this out. If you are a Twilight fan...and admit it...most of you are...then you know who Robert Pattinson is. I adore him primarily for his jungle crazy hair and his sexy English accent...swoon! He makes me act like all the 16 year old girls that are lovestruck over him. gah.

But, Rob was seen singing (double swoon) at a bar (triple swoon) in L.A. The difference between all those googly eyed 16 year old girls (and probably some guys) and myself is...they can't legally get into a bar...and I CAN, biz-natches! boo-yah!

P.S. I am so mature.

P.P.S. You can't really see him very well, but you can see the outline of his crazy jungle hair.

Keep on Keepin on.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I recently finished reading Choke by Chuck Palanuik. One of my girlfriends had read it and this guy I went on four dates with insisted I read it. He even basically forced his copy of it into my hands.

So, I read the dang thing, and I was not really impressed. I am thinking I need to read it a second time, but four-dates-guy is pulling the "I want the book back because it has sentimental value" crap. Whatev. Cry me a river. I could probably go buy a new copy, run over it with my car and stick his little sticky notes back into the new run over book into the same marked spaces and he would never know the sentimental difference. Boo la freaking hoo. I'd understand if was a classic or a book that was hand-downed from years ago...but, come on! The movie just came out last week! Which I think I may like more than the book.

And he insisted I borrow his copy even when I said I would borrow my friend's copy instead. Nope. He insisted I borrow his. Now, he is crying about it. Grant it, I haven't spoken to him in....let's say...three weeks. But that is besides the point.

I am in total indecisive mode. I can't decide if I like the guy. We talk. We can actually talk for hours. And it is not uncomfortable or weird or forced. But I tend to talk a little too much with him and feel like he is not talking enough. I even consciously stop talking to let him talk, and those are the strange moments of small silence. I can't handle that. I want someone who takes an active part of the conversation. He says he loves to hear me talk. First off, bud, the word "love" should not be used in our conversation just yet... if ever. Second,...that is just not how it least not for me.

Second, he always seems so unsure of himself. I want confidence! Even if you are totally faking it. I don't want to lead a conversation or lead when walking. And! he just seems like he is trying soooo hard. He even admitted that he doesn't want to mess this up. I know, sweet and endearing. All in all, he would be the perfect guy. He would probably treat me like a perfect princess/queen/whateve, and he would totally respect and spoil me all at the same time. He really is a great guy. I am being a complete jerk. I am being completely picky. I am being completely unrealistic.

But, I am always one for second chances...or 3 or 4 or 5. I am going to buy my own copy of Choke and read it a second time.

Also, I think I am going to give it another shot. Date #5. We'll see. And I am totally giving him his book back.

Keep on keepin on.