Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Guest Name

In continuation of being silly and enjoying The Royal Wedding coverage and anticipation, we are not only speaking in English accents, we are finding our Royal Wedding Guest Names.  Because you know we are all guests....right.

Here's what you do:

1.  Start with either Lord or Lady
2.  Your first name is one of your grandparents' names.
3.  Your surname  is the name of your first pet, double-barreled with the name of the street you were raised.

My name is Lady Lucy Ruby-Greenwood!

Not bad if I do say so myself.  I'd waltz into the wedding no prob.

Keep on Keepin on.

What's Your Happiness-Success?

About every 6 months or so I get in a mental mode of self evaluation.  I get really critical about my life choices and I analyze all my levels of success in terms of happiness and all the factors that make up my own definition of happiness.  My dad once told me, "You really need to lighten up or else you're going to give yourself an ulcer."  There may be some truth to that, but I prefer wigging out on occasion. 

What are the factors that define my happiness-success?

1.  Love/Marriage
2.  Career
3.  Education
4.  Friendship
5.  Creativity

1.  Love/Marriage - Although Career and Education have outweighed Love/Marriage in the past for me in terms of their level of personal importance in determining my happiness-success, this year Love/Marriage wins ten-fold and probably will from this day forward.  It is only right and fair (and let's face it, natural) that my happiness-success in Love/Marriage is absolute priority.  I don't mean only for myself, but also for my sweet Sparky.  With our wedding out of the way, we are now focused on building EVEN MORE strength in understanding, listening, and trust.  So far so good; although not perfect.  I would never want it to be perfect to the point of heartless and soulless.  There will always be a challenge to some degree but I'd definitely rate my current state of happiness-success in Love/Marriage pretty high.  I don't have worries in this factor and I'm pretty grateful for it.

2. Career -  I desperately wanted to lump Career and Education together based on my current feelings about both factors right now.  But, after a bit of thought, I realized they definitely needed to be kept separate.  In my past I had been driven on being successful professionally.  There was a time I was really driven on being the best based on performance which quickly turned into being driven by money.  Luckily, my outlook on money and value changed even though I am still attempting to recover from some of the mistakes made in that period of time.  Some of my past choices got me off track not only financially, but also with other paths.  My level of fulfillment in my everyday Career is not being met.  Something has to change and a lot of it has to due with my personal outlook and attitude toward the situation. 

I am not saying I need to quit my job and I a am not saying that I will quit my job.  These are not the right answers to my questions currently.  I actually really do enjoy my job and find quite a bit of value in a lot of my tasks.  I need more though; I need a challenge.  I am searching for a bit more fulfillment and that is a personal battle that I need to overcome.  My goal is to "Work to live, NOT live to work", but there still needs to be value, challenge, and success in that work.

3. Education - Education is a heavy weight on my mind right now and has been for a few months.  Continuing my education on the Graduate level and eventually earning a Ph.D has been a dream for me.  I've doubted myself so much in the past to the point that this dream was just completely out of reach.  I have been revisiting this idea a lot lately and Sparky has been incredibly encouraging about me going for it.  People go back to school all the time and work full time concurrently;  I'm in awe and envious of these amazing individuals.  I'm doubting debating my ability to do this but I just don't think I will ever be satisfied on my happiness-success if I don't strive to continue my education.  This factor will eat away at me and give me an ulcer if I don't do something.

4. Friendship - I have lost many friends over the last few years.  Good friends are difficult to come by as you get least for me.  I've questioned who I am a lot due to my relationships with my girl friends.  I haven't lost friends to anything drastic as death; I've lost friends simply to life.  My losses can be summed up to the typical reasons such as  distance, growing apart, and that people change.  I can also say I've lost friends to deceit and those are the losses that have really resonated with me and shaped me.  I value friendship so much now and it is so difficult for me to trust and make new girlfriends.  I always have a wall up and I always question others intentions due to my past friendships.  The friends I do have are my family.  I would do anything for these peeps.

5. Creativity - AHHH!!  I need to be creative.  I need to be surrounded by creativity.  I need to breathe creativity!  My creative soul seems to never sleep inside me.  My biggest problem is letting it out for others to see.  I have so much CONSTANTLY brewing, stewing, jumping, turning, and screaming inside my head and heart.  I haven't been feeding my creativity very well lately and it is making me restless.  There is a lot of writing, reading, photographing, and organizing that needs to be brought to fruition!  Some advice from someone who needs to take her own advice:  Feed your creativity!

These are my top concerns currently of what fulfill me in terms of success.  There is a lot in life I want to accomplish and a lot of life I want to create.  My biggest obstacle always has been and will continue to be only myself.  The best thing I have going for me is my attempts to be self-aware.  I may doubt, question, and over-analyze myself in so many ways, but it only makes me want to be a better version of myself. 

I hope this has helped anyone going through the same battles.  I know I am not alone in self battles and struggles.  What's Your Happiness-Success?

Keep on Keepin on.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anthropologie Quilt

I have to admit that I am one of those people that love to change out bedding.  I am obsessed with bedding.  What I am not obsessed with is bedding prices.  So, I don't get new bedding near as often as I would love to primarily for this reason.  The other reason?  I live with 4 dogs and a gross boy.  Just sayin.  All the bedding I drool over are typically white or grey and those colors and fabrics don't mesh well with my motley crew.

My latest lovey is the Rosette Quilt from Antropologie in Heather Grey.  Oh, it is so super dreamy.  And expensive.  Ick. 

You could only imagine how my multiple month long depression reacted when I saw Kokodesigns tutorial on how to make your very own!  For around $30!  Shut the front dang door, peeps!  I'm still giddy.  I might learn how to sew for this dang DIY project and I'm absolutely serious about that.  That will be a whole other comical blog post in itself.

So, enjoy Kojodesign's Anthro inspired Rosette quilt.  This is truly miraculous.

Keep on Keepin on.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Barre3: It's All About The Pants

While having dinner with friends the other night, my girlfriend and I were discussing a little bit about the Barre3 class we take in OKC.  We were trying to explain to our husbands that "it's all about the pants".

We laughed hysterically about this concept...but there is quite a bit of truth and validity to it.

Since I started Barre3 at the end of February, I have been obsessed with searching for the best yoga pants...daily.  I constantly think about yoga pants and I have become a yoga pant snob.  It's sad.  It's also very difficult for a cheapskate thrifty person like me.  I've resorted to chocolate to help my frenzy...but it somewhat defeats the purpose of going to the class.  Unless it's dark chocolate.  That's, I've convinced myself anyway.

Although I heart me some Target, I've decided that I loath their yoga pant selection and have become quite resentful.  Target is supposed to be my go-to for my lavish necessities on a budget.  Sigh.  For a whopping $24.99 or even $29.99 or more, I can't justify the yoga pants provided at Target.  This girl needs some wicking and some long term durability.  I have yet to find this with the supply at my local Target.

I've asked around and done some digging.  After a recommendation to Old Navy for some cheaply priced pants that were "good", I rushed over to a nearby Old Navy to only be quickly disappointed.  The fits on my oddly shaped body and my standards for wicking were insurmountable in this quest.  I did walk out with two great work-out tops, though!  I would definitely recommend their work-out tops.

So, I've resorted to the expensive online shopping for my pants.  This was a very difficult decision.  Unfortunately, the expensive pants I've found are worth every stinking penny spent.  Trust me.  I was very hesitant to splurge on some expensive pants that I had never even tried on, but the moment I squeezed into slipped on my Athleta pants, I was forever changed and convinced of their worth.

The Chaturanga Yoga Tight from Athleta.  My first purchase and my "comfort" pants.  I love these babies. 

The front of the Chaturanga Yoga Tight from Athleta
Then, the next month I splurged again on a pair of pants.  This time I splurged on the Hatha legging from Lucy, and my confidence in these pricey pants is continued.

The Hatha Capri Legging from Lucy.  I love these pants as well.  So comfortable and do not show sweat even though they are a color other than black!

Now, the grand-daddy, big momma of fancy pants are the Lululemon pants and I have yet to splurge on these gals.  These are the pants that most of my Barre3 classmates and the instructors are sporting and all of them absolutely rave about their comfort and quality.  I was waiting to see what the other pants were like before the "big" purchase.  I made a deal with myself that I was allowed one pair of new fancy pants a month.

My upcoming splurge pant is going to be the Mind Over Matter Crop pant from Lululemon.  I know it says the pant is for running, but I think they will be great for this Barre3 class as well.  Plus, I do go for a jog on occasion so these pants will be ideal.  Do you see how I justify this?  The truth is I love the colors and I especially love the little ruffle on the calf area.  It's nice to have options outside of the routine plain black pants...although the routine black pants are still comforting to have as well.

In my searches, I will and would also consider Hard Tail, Victoria's Secret, Express, and The Gap for yoga pants.  I don't have personal experiences with these pants, but I have heard and read good reviews about them.  If I were to get another pair, I would start with the Hard Tail.

Keep on Keepin on.

Royal Wedding = Royal English Accent

I've decided since it's "Royal Wedding Week" that it's also "Speak in a Pretentious Royal English Accent Week"...

I started this pretentious royal accent yesterday and I've already driven Sparky insane.  I might have to be careful about this...

BUT, I just can't help myself.

The accent just comes out all on it's own.  It's like I have an English accent turrets.  It's boggling really.  (Said to myself in an English accent).  My thoughts are even in an English accent!

I guess it's my way of accepting the fact that I will not be walking down the isle this Friday morning toward Prince William.  Royalty is over-rated anyway.  Right?  Besides, I've already found and married my King! (awww.  Sorry, yes, I had to go there.)

Anyway, for some reason, I am excited about William and Kate's wedding this coming Friday.  I have delved deeply into the "facts" of the wedding provided online at CNN's' website.  I have even researched the family tree!  Man, I need a life!

Where does this fascination generate from?  I do remember as a pubescent teen having a large poster of Prince William hanging on my average teenager bedroom wall.  His shiny blond hair and dreamy royal blue eyes made me hopeful that someday he could be mine.  Oh, the unrealistic thoughts that go through hormone changing teenage females' minds!  And then I wondered something...since part of this royal fantasy of mine was more believable due to Prince William and me being so close in age, I wondered if pretty Kate Middleton had these same hopes and dreams as an awkward teen?  I bet so.  I hope so.  I've convinced myself so.

This comparison and thought that Kate may have had a similar poster of a young teenage Prince William hanging on her own average teenager bedroom wall makes this upcoming Royal Wedding extra least for me.  Kate's appeal to most twenty-somethings (and probably most women in general) must be this teenage girl "some day my prince will come" commonality.  Kate does not come from a royal bloodline, but rather than self-made millionaires...or is it billionaires?  I think this "commoner" fact makes Kate more appealing and interesting.  I love her class and how well she has managed "becoming" royal; however critical many others may be about how Kate has evolved. 

Kate will be a beautiful bride.  I hope they couple will have a long, love-filled, and happy life together.  I will probably set my alarm early on Friday morning...5am CST to be exact, to try to catch a glimpse of the Royal Wedding before my 6am Barre 3 class.  I might even have a cup of tea and biscuits (or crumpets?) and cheer out loud in an English accent...just sayin.

Do you have plans to watch the Royal Wedding?  Am I the only crazy girl excited about this?  Surely not.

And as I get all lovey dovey because of Royal English Accent week/Royal Wedding week, I share with you a great little song by the wonderfully talented (and British...) Adele.  The song is "Daydreamer" and I thought it was very appropriate and fitting for this post and William and Kate's wedding.  enjoy!

Now, if only I could convince Sparky to speak in a pretentious royal English accent too.

Keep on Keepin on.  (cheerio!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Makes You Go Hmmmm

As I was enjoying my afternoon java and a teeny tiny weeny itsy bitsy little reeses cup scrumptious healthy snack, I started making the yummy noises.  You know.  The outward large sigh with slumped shoulders of defeat that quickly lead to the "hmmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmmm, hmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmm!!"  In other words, that was exactly what I needed in that very moment to make all my worries go away for a few seconds.

Then, I instantly got the image in my head of good ole Bill Murry making the EXACT same noises from one of my ALL TIME fave movies...What About Bob?  What a delight to remember that movie suddenly!  That movie was a top favorite of my brother's and mine when were young.  We'd seriously watch that movie repeatedly and just laugh out loud hysterically the entire way through.  Good times I must say.

Enjoy the yummy noises!  or just enjoy a yummy snack and make your own yummy noises.  or do both.  whatever.

Keep on Keepin on.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Task Filled Weekend and A Treat

Sparky and I mostly Sparky accomplished a lot off of our "to-do" list this past weekend.  I can't wait to share the photos of all the goods.  For now, here is a list to get you excited:

  1. Cleaned the house (not too exciting; but very necessary)
  2. Got some new "grasses" that are drought tolerant to put in our newly finished planter boxes attached to the deck!!!  Huge accomplishment.
  3. Finished staining the small pergola!
  4. Prepared another raised planter box for herbs or in Sparky's words, "whatever you choose to throw in there"...
  5. Checked out the OKC Farmer's Market.   
  6. Got our grocery shopping done for the week.
  7. Walked around the Plaza district and checked out an awesome retro store...called RetroOKC.  Super cool.
  8. Got a couple of Green Goodies Cupcakes.  yum.

Keep on Keepin on.

Purple and Full of Pride

One of my very many many goals in life (and trust me, there are a plethora; note to self:  blog post on goals), is to be a photoshop wizard.  Now, whether that be self taught or taking a class or just in my dreams, this photoshop wizardry will be accomplished someday and somehow.

I play a lot in photoshop and accomplish very few ah-ha moments.  (note to self:  have more ah-ha moments).  I also purchased way back when not too long ago a Photoshop for Dummies book...which I have yet to start finish perusing.

The other day I took pictures of my one lone little tulip growing proudly in a very sad and dry, red clay consumed, dearth of happiness corner.  Purple and full of pride she was.

So, I delicately primped her up in photoshop and was pretty happy with the results. 

And then, a friend showed me how to place to photos side by side.  Aha!  My first photoshop aha moment! Well, at least that I can remember!  It's not rocket science or anything, but I was pretty darn happy with the event!
Before (left) and After (right)

So, I quickly did one more little photo primping and ended up with the following result.  A little curving, contrasting, and saturation and...voila.

The difference is a bit more subtle than the first tulip but there is a difference! 
Before (Top) and After (Bottom)

I may not be purple like my pretty little tulip, but I am full of pride of my tiny aha moment.

Keep on Keepin on.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Sparky was making his hanging planter boxes this past weekend when I snapped this cute little pic of our Macy girl.  I can rarely get a cute photo of Macy so this was extra special that I finally got one that wasn't all blurry.  Plus, of course, there are all the beer bottles in the planter as well.  Makes for a good photo if you ask me!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Keep on Keepin on.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sparky and His Sunflowers

Sparky loves him some Sunflowers.  I know.  Random. 

As Spring has arrived, Sparky and I have been anxious to pretty up our yards once again.  We love planting and gardening and building a better home and Spring has shown to be the time when we get all "ba-jig-adee"...yeah.  bajigadee.

Our recent trips to TLC and Lowes have brought us colorful and sustainable plants and flowers.  I finally got my daylilies and succulants, while Sparky got more green and ground coverage.  I'm always screaming "I want color!" while Sparky always wants more "green" or grasslike plants.  Which, don't get me wrong, I love green and grassy stuff but dang it..."I NEED COLOR!!"

Anyway, the one colorful flower Sparky L.O.V.E.'s is a sunflower.  Me?  I'm not too much of a fan of the sunflower but I can tolerate them if it allows for some dang color.  Beggers can't be choosers, right?  So, he picked up some little bags of sunflowers seeds during one of our trips to Lowes. 

This year we've decided to move our vegetable garden when the time comes to plant those little gems.  So, we went ahead and tossed the little sunflower seeds in one straight long line in the old raised beds along our East fence in the backyard.  This area gets so much sun! 

These little guys are amazing.  They've already started sprouting!  They've only been in the ground for about a week and a half and are doing amazing even though Ruby keeps digging them up.  grrr.

I love that the shells are still holding on!


Ruby thinks this is her play area.  The Jaws song warning of a dangerous shark approaching always comes to mind when I see her approaching restricted territory.

Project post coming soon:  Sparky's floating flower beds.

Keep on Keepin on.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Our January Wedding Video

Our wedding video is done and I am so happy with it!  Aimee Adams Lovebirds Artistic Weddings has it all!  She is so amazing to work with.  She's creative, patient, understanding, a good listener, a great communicator, and a professional.  Basically, she's the whole package.  It is so obvious that Aimee loves what she does and truly cares about her clients.

One of my favorite parts is when the videographer went around to everyone and asked them to write one word about the "union" and Sparky's friend wrote "soviet"!!!  I just want to point out that we are NOT soviets...he's just cooky funny.  I love it!  I giggle everytime! (not that I've watched it a million times already or anything....)  All the words are so sweet and I love watching it!  It makes me laugh as well as feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  sigh.

Enjoy our video!

Keep on Keepin on.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

What I Done Did: Hair Donation

Since Sparky and I went ahead and tied our little knot this past January, I decided it was time to cut my hair.

One thing people always say to me is either "Oh my gosh, your hair is so long!" or "Oh my gosh, you have such amazing hair!"

Yes, it was getting very long.  I hadn't had a hair cut in almost two years and I was very overdue for one.  I don't very much like to get haircuts because I don't particularly care to pay money to have it cut and then to have it grow right back and then pay to have it cut again.  It's a vicious cycle and I don't care for vicious  a monthly period.  Haircuts are like a montly period to me.  They are high maintenance and expensive.

So, I thought I might as well do it for a good cause.  I looked up some long bob haircuts and made an appointment with the last hairstylist I used a couple years back.  I went in, had her measure out 10 inches, and let her have her way with it.

I'm pretty convinced she dreaded cutting off those 10 inches more than I did.  She was probably in fear that I might start crying.  She doesn't know me very well.  ha!  I was glad to see it gone!  For some perspective:  this was not a one ponytail cut...this was a part my hair in four sections and cut four sections sort of an ordeal.  I'm tired just thinking about it.

wait for it...

whoa nellie!  that's a lotta hair!

Less hair = less shampoo, shorter shower, less water, less hair drying, less time.  woo hoo!  I'm free!


I'm donating it.

win win if you ask me.

After asking a friend who recently went through chemotherapry to remove her stage 4 ovarian cancer, I've chosen to donate the hair to Pantene's programLocks of love is a great donation program as well.

Sparky was a bit hesitant when I first brought up the idea of cutting my hair, but after he saw the cut for the first time, he was instantly in love...all over again that is.  :)

Keep on Keepin on.

Friday, April 01, 2011

I'm Crushing On: Three Potato Four

I have the biggest crush on Stu and Janet from Three Potato Four!  They (and their two little kids) are super cute, cool, and awesome.

A friend recently sent me their link and I was head-over-heels in love at first click.  Same friend also got me a sweet little gift certificate and I didn't take much time in spending the little doo-hickey!  My biggest problem was narrowing down what to get!!  My wishlist was super long but since Sparky and I are saving our pennies for our honeymoon this summer, our extra spending money is pretty sparse.  My wishlist will just have to wait for another day. 

My sweet little GC did get me this nifty rad item, though!  I can't wait to set it on my desk and use it to hold my writing tools.  I think it would be cute for flowers and/or plants too.

Mexican Sugar Cane Mold - small $26.00

We recently sourced these beautifully executed reproductions of Mexican wooden sugar cone molds. Pure cane sugar would be melted down into these cones to produce a solid refined sugar cone which would be sold at local markets. This 3-hole sugar mold reproduction is all wood with a weathered antique finish. Measures approximately 9" x 3.25" x 4.5"h.

I also wanted the Large Mexican Sugar Cane Mold but I didn't want to overspend...maybe next time!

A few other items on my wishlist:
Ceramic Ruled Pitchers $16.00

Ceramic Bird Jewelry Dish $20.00

All-Purpose Wire Gym Baskets $35.00

Glass Chickadee Vase $18.00

AND...The grande finale super duper uber DREAM item...Industrial Shoe Factory Rolling Rack.  (I couldn't get the photo to post.  sorry)  Of course it's already sold.  boo.  Isn't it MAGNIFICENT?  This would be an amazing bakers rack for my kitchen with the above All-purpose wire baskets.  I'm swooning in my seat just drooling about it in my head. Sigh.
I'm also loving their original line 3P4The 3-P4 Milk Bottle Carafe - 32 oz. $24.00 might be at the top of my wish list.  cough cough. ahem ahem.


Keep on Keepin on.