Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Note from Macy

Our little Macy says to have a wonderful weekend relaxing in the grass somewhere while enjoying the peacefulness of your own thoughts.

Keep on Keepin on.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Little Earth

Since today is Earth day, I decided it would be totally fitting to finally update ya'll on our little vegetable garden.

This year Sparky decided to make his own raised gardens.  Last year he was convinced that planting our veggies in hay bales was the way to go...but slowly admitted his plan had faltered somewhere.  So this year he's convinced it's raised beds.


I actually missed out on taking pics of the creation of the raised beds, but I got pics of filling up the beds...which is far more fun in my opinion anyway.

Garden Soil!  yay!  About 10 big bags worth. 

And of course we are never without our hound help.  Ruby likes to get in the middle of all the action.  She's very proactive.

Chewy tends to just want to "blend in" and oversee things.  He's our little safety guy.

In addition to the garden soil, Sparky included and mixed together compost from our compost pile, mulch he mulched himself with dead leaves from our yard, and our leftover hay bales from this past fall.

Again, Ruby is in the middle of all the action.  You can see the pile of old hay mixed in with some old little pumpkins from this past fall.  Sparky also planted all the old pumpkins and their seeds as an experiment to see if we will have our own little pumpkin patch this year.  Crossing our fingers!

And then we found little guy amongst all the compost.  He actually wasn't so little!  He was huge!  And just grubbin away. Normally I would get really grossed out by things like this, but this little guy was actually pretty interesting.  I told the little guy to grub away.

More of Ruby getting in the middle of everything....

Here's the long view of bed.  Again notice in the middle left side...a little Ruby face sniffing around in the new pumpkin patch area. 

Sparky!  My little gardener.  He wanted me to say it's a ninja.  So there.  It's a ninja.  Whatever.

On the opposite end of the pumpkins, Sparky planted eggplant, strawberries, tomatoes (3 different types), tomatillas, banana peppers, jalapenos, and squash.

Yum.  I can' wait to see if these little guys grow!

And the banana peppers are already producing!  Wow.

Today, Sparky planted three different cucumbers, bell peppers, and cantaloupe.   I'll say it's because of Earth day, but we TRY to do things everyday that are friendly to the Earth.  We're not perfect but we try.  That's all anyone should do.  Try.

Keep on Keepin on.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Project Nightstand

For the last year, at least, I have been talking about how I want and plan to paint my guest bedroom set.  They are dark cherry-ish wood and consist of a queen sleigh bed headboard and footboard, a six drawer dresser, two matching nightstands, and a television armoire.

Last weekend I decided I needed to finally get started. 

I purchased my paint a few weeks ago, so it was waiting patiently for me to open it up and paint away.  I chose a soft white.  White paint color is more difficult to pick out than I thought and I'm not a very quick decision could probably imagine that this was not the quickest trip to the local home improvement store.


I decided to start small with one of the nightstands.

This is the nightstand.  Since I've chosen to paint all the bedroom furniture a shade of white...and the original color is the dark cherry, a belt sander was and will be absolutely necessary.  (Note: that is not a rat in the pic...that's our Chihuahua, Harley.)

Here's a front view of the nightstand.  The color is so dark!  Eww!

And viola!  A belt sander, a little bit of paint, one paint brush, and an hour later...

a new to me nightstand.

I can't wait to get all the bedroom furniture done!  I'll keep you posted!  (pun intended)

Keep on Keepin on.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ruby Loves Sparky

Ruby loves Sparky.  Ruby loves when people come down to her level.  She's short.  Shorter than me.  So, when anyone decides to sit or lay down on the floor/ground, she gets uber excited.

Sparky decided to enjoy the sunny warm weather with a nap in our backyard yesterday.

Ruby has quick shorty radar for these things.  She's on the prowl.

Ruby's love is strong.

Ruby's love is deep.

Ruby's love is relentless.

Ruby's love is hands-on.

 Ruby's love is up close and personal.

Ruby's love is dreamy.

Ruby's love is playful.

Ruby's love is in-your-face.

Ruby's love is tried and true.

Keep on Keepin on.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

...Already Miss You, Weekend

We had a great sunny,warm, and beautiful weekend.  I have future posts and pics filled with gardening, raised flower beds, furniture, a belt sander, and paint.  I bet you can't wait and are breaking out the ice cream and chocolate (and/or chocolate ice cream) in your anticipation.  It's okay.  I don't judge.


...of course

...our dogs.

They had a wonderful weekend too.

Here's a sneak peek.

Keep on Keepin on.