Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Note to Self

I almost went 29 days without posting...I'm sure you all are heartbroken.

I really needed a break. The marathon blogging of NaBloPoMo was just a bit much that I had not signed into my blog or even read any of my favorite blogs for pretty much a month. Now, the new year is rolling around and it just does not even feel like another year is ready for me...or if I am ready for a new year. It's probably neither and both all at the same time.

The New Year post will come probably on New Year's Day...go figure. I know. I am so clever. BUT, I guess you are wondering what Miss Babalou has been up to this past month of December. Yes? No? Well, I don't care if you care or noticed that I was on a bit of a hiatus, I will share with you some of my December thoughts.

Note to self: Don't 1) double fist wine glasses every time leave the open bar to return to your table or 2) have 5 or maybe 6 glasses of wine at your company's annual Christmas party.

Note to self: Don't fall (while just standing) in front of your co-workers at the small Christmas after party.

Note to self: Don't fall (while just standing) in front of a new crush.

Note to self: Never have regrets and always find humor in your embarrassments.

Note to self: Find something comparably embarrassing about your crush to tease him about as well...and never let him forget it.

Note to self: Enjoy every moment.

Note to self: Be yourself.

Note to self: Sometimes the most unexpected moments, the most unexpected events, the most unexpected people...will enter your life and offer you the most surprising and refreshing happiness.

Keep on Keepin on.

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Me said...

Aww thanks I didnt know I cause you this much happiness. :]