Sunday, November 02, 2008

Get Your Rock On

Two summers ago, a friend of mine and I started rock climbing...well, indoor rock climbing. I loved it. I had never really been an athletic person growing up. Participating in the arts was more my thing and I left the running and working out for those far more capable than I. I was able to get away with it because I was young and had a high metabolism. Fast forward to my mid twenties and my body doesn't know what a metabolism is anymore. Like most women I know, we have to work on staying fit and healthy.

I tried jogging, which somewhat worked. I get bored after about a mile and a half. I lose motivation almost instantly. So, when I started rock climbing, I knew I had found something that could keep me from getting bored. Rock climbing forces me to challenge my mind and my body simultaneously. But, I still am not athletic. I am definitely not good at rock climbing, but I still love trying it every chance I get. Especially since it helps me overcome my fear of heights.

I hadn't climbed in nine months until yesterday. I don't know why I have been away from climbing for so long! I was reminded of the person I used to be and who I want to get back to being. Confident, strong, determined, focused. These are qualities I want to strive to get back and I feel I have somewhat lost in the last few years. It is amazing to find something that will help you become the better person you continue to strive to be. I found my niche. I just need to hold on to it and never give up on it again.

I introduced two friends of mine to rock climbing yesterday. They had never been climbing before and they absolutely loved it. I have introduced a few other friends to climbing in the past, and they too fell in love with the sport. There is something so wonderful about rock climbing that makes a person feel so amazing about themselves. It is such a confidence builder. I have seen friends discover parts of themselves they never knew existed, just as I did. I think this is the most fulfilling aspect of rock climbing. I love experiencing all the emotions, excitement, and accomplishment for myself, but I love even more being able to share these moments with friends.

So, I am making a promise to myself to keep it up. To keep taking care of myself physically and emotionally. It's the least I can do. And if I can get most of my friends to love climbing as much as I do, then I will never be without a great climbing partner. No excuses.

So, what do you love to do that you get an incredible sense of accomplishment from? Is there anything you love to do that you have put on the back burner for a while and you don't know why? Remember, stay true to who you are and what makes you feel good about yourself. It's never too late to make positive changes in your life.

Keep on Keepin on.


C said...

Hey, Deb!
First off, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! Thank you for thinking of Junior and me. I hope this baby hangs in there for a few more weeks! At least until we hit week 32! We're going on week 27 tomorrow, so hopefully he/she will hang in there!

I also wanted to say that you are a true gem...a ray of sunshine! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As for this post, rock climbing sounds super fun! I really love hiking, but have wanted to try out rock climbing.

Deb said...

I will be constantly thinking of week 32! Hang in there, little junior!! Start listening to your mama!!! She knows what's best!

C said...

Aww! Thanks, Deb! :) Just sent you an e-mail update thingy. Your positive thoughts are much appreciated!

You totally rock, girlfriend!

BTW, bet you can't wait to see "Twilight" on big screen! Have you seen "The Bad Mother's Handbook"? Robert Pattinson is in it and he is the dorkiest guy ever...but he's still cute! Have I mentioned for the millionth time that I'm in love with Edward AND the actor who plays Edward in the movie?! LOL! Can't believe he was in Harry Potter! I had a crush on him as Cedric Diggory too, but never told anyone because it was icky for a grown woman to have a crush on a young thing like him! LOL! Man, I feel like such a teenage girl.

Is it just me or did Bella totally annoy you in "New Moon" and "Eclipse"? The whole back and forth Jacob/Edward thing made me want to slap her!

Mmmmkay...sounds like hospital bed rest is getting to me, doesn't it!? LOL!

Chat soon! XO