Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I recently finished reading Choke by Chuck Palanuik. One of my girlfriends had read it and this guy I went on four dates with insisted I read it. He even basically forced his copy of it into my hands.

So, I read the dang thing, and I was not really impressed. I am thinking I need to read it a second time, but four-dates-guy is pulling the "I want the book back because it has sentimental value" crap. Whatev. Cry me a river. I could probably go buy a new copy, run over it with my car and stick his little sticky notes back into the new run over book into the same marked spaces and he would never know the sentimental difference. Boo la freaking hoo. I'd understand if was a classic or a book that was hand-downed from years ago...but, come on! The movie just came out last week! Which I think I may like more than the book.

And he insisted I borrow his copy even when I said I would borrow my friend's copy instead. Nope. He insisted I borrow his. Now, he is crying about it. Grant it, I haven't spoken to him in....let's say...three weeks. But that is besides the point.

I am in total indecisive mode. I can't decide if I like the guy. We talk. We can actually talk for hours. And it is not uncomfortable or weird or forced. But I tend to talk a little too much with him and feel like he is not talking enough. I even consciously stop talking to let him talk, and those are the strange moments of small silence. I can't handle that. I want someone who takes an active part of the conversation. He says he loves to hear me talk. First off, bud, the word "love" should not be used in our conversation just yet... if ever. Second,...that is just not how it least not for me.

Second, he always seems so unsure of himself. I want confidence! Even if you are totally faking it. I don't want to lead a conversation or lead when walking. And! he just seems like he is trying soooo hard. He even admitted that he doesn't want to mess this up. I know, sweet and endearing. All in all, he would be the perfect guy. He would probably treat me like a perfect princess/queen/whateve, and he would totally respect and spoil me all at the same time. He really is a great guy. I am being a complete jerk. I am being completely picky. I am being completely unrealistic.

But, I am always one for second chances...or 3 or 4 or 5. I am going to buy my own copy of Choke and read it a second time.

Also, I think I am going to give it another shot. Date #5. We'll see. And I am totally giving him his book back.

Keep on keepin on.

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jmcqueen82 said...

It is okay to be picky. Why the hell would you want to settle?

Read it a second time. It is good. Though not good enough to have any sort of sentimental attachment or whatever. That is disturbing. The book is disturbing, so the fact that he is emotionally attached to it in some way says something about him.... not sure what, but SOMETHING.

Do you see now why I would blush while I was reading this book in front of Kevin or Jake. Like they could read the words in my mind or something. DUDE. I am such a prude.