Friday, October 24, 2008

Fabulous Film Friday....Kinda

Ok. You are more than likely going to shun me, point your fingers and laugh at me, stick your nose up at me, or talk bad about me behind my blogging back...but I cannot tell a lie. I have been holding back all my desires to see High School Musical 3...I know...throw your stones. Just get it over with.

I had never seen any of the High School Musical movies and I had never had a desire to...until all the brain washing movie trailers for HSM3 with their cute catchy musical tunes and Zac Efron plastered all over my television screen completely sucked me in against my will. I also DIDN'T catch myself watching High School Musical 2 on the Disney Channel last night during Grey's Anatomy's commercial breaks.

I have been slowly falling in love with Zac Efron for quite some time now and with his 21st birthday last week, I figured it is ok to admit my secret love for him now that I can legally get him drunk...if the opportunity presented itself.

AND, I have convinced myself that he is only with Vanessa Hudgens because she looks like me. (I do what I can to keep myself going every day.)

I probably won't go see HSM3 on the big screen, and if I did, I wouldn't tell anyone and I would probably go incognito. I will more than likely wait for it to go to video and get it On Demand in the privacy of my own home...and I will more than likely sing along because that is what you do with musicals.

And back to my Zac, word is that he is scheduled to play Ren McCormack in a re-make of Footloose!!!! How flippin exciting is that? Seriously, I know I am not the only woman excited about this! Admit it. Don't hold back anymore. This is a safe place. I won't tell anyone. We can go see this one on the big screen together when it finally premiers and we won't have to go incognito. I just can't resist a guy who can sing, dance, and act with gorgeous blue eyes and abs.

All you girls fell in love with Kevin Bacon when you saw him do this...he stole all our hearts. Now we get to see Zac do it!!

Keep on Keepin on.


jmcqueen82 said...

I am speechless.

I thought I knew you.


C said...

Oh, wow! DEB!!! I am SHOCKED!! Well, I suppose it could be worse. After all, I was big intp NKOTB and in love with Jordan Knight. Oh, wait...I was like 12 at the time! ;) Kidding aside, you're still one of the coolest chicks around ;) xo

C said...

Thanks for checking in on me (and Junior). Man, I wonder what the little one will be like when he does arrive! This pregnancy has been quite the roller coaster ride already! LOL!

Thanks again for all your messages, Deb! Hugs xo

Tina Dremel said...

I a shameless!! I used the excuse "The kids want to see it" LOL they did but, I made sure we did see it! ;)