Thursday, October 23, 2008

30 years

Other than those of you that have been married more than 30 years, can you imagine being married to the same person for 30 years...and still being rediculously in love with them? This thought is far from my comprehension and would seem unbeleivable...except for that my parent's have been married for 30 years as of today.

The story I get from them about how they met is pretty unique. My mom was a wee little 23 year old hot piece of pacific islander/japanese boo-tay, and my dad was a strapping young 34 year old handsome piece of all American hazel eyed goofy white-ness. He was working on the small island minding his own mind, when he saw this beauty from afar. Who was she? My mom. He didn't know her. He had never met her. He was smitten.

She just happened to be home on break from the Catholic college in big ole Kansas. She was staying with her parents on this break. One day she strolled home when one of her little cousins ran up to her frantic. The little cousin managed to sputter out that there was a white man in the house.

Being the gentleman that my dad is, he went to my mother's parent's house, without having met her, asking her parent's if he could, essentially, date her. My grandparent's didn't speak English. I can't imagine what that could have truly been like! How nerve wracking! How brave! How flippin romantic!

Obviously, they dated. They fell in love on a little island. They got married. My mom made her own wedding dress. I couln't even fit into it when I was in high school. It is tiny and beautiful. They had a real island wedding.

30 years later, land locked with no ocean in site, they are still in love. Their children are grown. They have moved many times across oceans and across state lines. They have had mulitple jobs. They have gained weight. They have lost weight. They have cried. They have been fearful of losing the other. They have been fearful of losing a child. They have fought. They have triumphed. They have laughed. They have played bingo. They have agreed. They have disagreed. They have agreed to disagree. They have been proud. They have been disappointed. They have been surprised. They have rejoiced. They have sung. They have danced. They have been silent. They have dreamed. They have loved. They are still in love.

They have definitely set a high standard. I am so grateful to have such loving parents and to have proof that true love really does exist. I'm crossing my fingers to have a love of my own as great as theirs.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Keep on Keepin on.


AlexG said...

Hey debbie, I saw your post on and thought I'd stop by... Being together with the same person does definately seem like a drag... lol I don't plan on ever marrying...

I have a blog as well, feel free to stop by, and comment whenever you like

AlexG said...

I mean't with the same person for 30 years, lol

jmcqueen82 said...

(Through foggy eyes) Debbie, this is beautiful. I really hope you let your parents read this one. How precious and rare that kind of love is. Thank God for them to show us all it IS possible.

Twenty three more years to go I suppose. :)

Tina Dremel said...

I think it is wonderful that you do have your parents for a role model on love. Lots of people don't, me included! But, I know how hard it is for the kids and the family unit when you start to bring selfish desires into the marriage that ultimately destroy it. I hope my children will say the same thing you did about your parents about us one day. :) Very touching.