Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I Am A Bad Daughter

I just came to the realization this past Saturday that my parent's wedding anniversary that is coming up on October 23rd is their 30th! Kind of a big deal, right? I don't know about these things. Now I am in severe panic mode because I should have already started planning some kind of a shin-dig to celebrate 3 flippin decades of marriage and putting up with my brother and myself.

I would ideally like to have something cute and small at my house...but my house is somewhat lacking in the spacial categories. It is SMALL. and there is only one restroom. I am guessing if everyone invited came, there would be around 20-30 people. It would definitely be cramped and standing room. Plus, my two dogs would go flippin crazy! Then, there is the option to rent out a room at a restaurant. But, which restaurant? And it would probably be super uber expensive and I already think I am getting an ulcer just thinking about it.

So, I am torn. What to do to celebrate my parent's 30 years of putting up with one another. Any ideas? I am such a bad daughter. I should have started thinking and planning this weeks ago. I am going to find some chocolate.

Keep on Keepin on.

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C said...

:) No worries! You've still got some time! Okay, I'm being super optimistic, but seriously...everything will turn out fine. Besides, it's never too late AND your parents will appreciate whatever efforts you make.

I threw my mom a big 50th anniversary party 6 years ago. It was a "Hawaii 5-0" surprise theme party. I spent a year orchestrating the event, but my aunts helped out big time. We held the party at one of my aunts' (she has a pool and a freakin' big house, so it was perfect). All of my mom's sisters helped me with the food. They all brought a few dishes, ordered some, made some, and I pretty much handled some of the food, drinks, decorations, and invitations via evite.com .

Do you have family that can help you out? If you go that route, then organizing something on short-ish notice should be okay.

If you go the restaurant route, there's the inviting people and reserving the venue. Plus, that can be costly too. Depends on what you want to do. Again, your parents are going to be glad that you even remembered and they will be happy no matter what. It's the thought that counts, right? :)

Let us know how things go! XO