Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Can Somewhat Cook...Just Don't Tell Anyone

Breakfast is my favorite meal of any day...even if I have to cook it myself. Actually, I am going to admit, I don't mind cooking too much. I don't love it. I have always been known and teased for my inability to cook, but it has really been my lack of want to cook, but I have tried to keep that one to myself for the most part. I guess the cat is out of the bag, now.

Cooking is a challenge on a daily basis because I am normally cooking for one..just me. I don't like fast food, so grabbing something on my way home from work is really just not an option. So, I have had to come up with easy and somewhat healthy meals that could possibly still be good for my lunch the following day. It is kind of a challenge. I can't eat lean pockets everyday.

I have never had an issue with cooking myself breakfast, though. Me loves breakfast. Normally every Sunday, if I am not at brunch with girlfriends, I am up early and cooking myself breakfast. In the past, I was bad about cooking a breakfast that could feed a family of four. I am starting to think ahead about my food portions as not to waste so much. So this morning, I had an omelet...and I decided to share my omelet making morning with you today.

What am I using in my omelet today? Let's see...three eggs (I would normally just do two eggs, but I am feeling extra hungry this morning), two slices of diced ham, a small handful of chopped spinach (my favorite!), chopped Colby Jack cheese, a little bit of basil, and a little bit of S&P. yum. I normally would add tomatoes, but I forgot to go to the farmer's market yesterday morning. dang-o!

Spray the pan with butter spray. I love butter spray! I use this butter spray on almost everything!


Flip it! Flip it good.

You better prepare your coffee!

Check out the steam!


Can I take a nap even though I just woke up??

Keep on Keepin on.

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Jon said...

Damn. That looks pretty good! I'm coming over for breakfast next week, okay?