Monday, October 13, 2008

Tasty Snack Alert!

My dad recently went to Oregon to visit my sister and her family. Word is that Oregon is beautiful and perfect and my dad now wants to live there. He is already trying to convince me that I want to move there too...knock, knock, dad...I don't live with you and mom! I have my own home! He apparently thinks that wherever they go, I have to go too. I find it kind of cute, actually.

Anyway, my dad brought back some great little tasty snacks from Oregon. My favorites are these fabulous little cranberry candies!

They are all natural and handmade little jelly tasty delights from Cranberry Sweets & More. Me loves them. don't have to live in Oregon to get them! You can order them online here at their website! I love the internet. AND...they have chocolate. AND...Rachel Ray loves them...and I love Rachel Ray. So there. Rachel loves them, I love them, I love Rachel, you can buy them on the internet, they are all natural, they are handmade, they also have chocolate, I love chocolate. Proof. You have to try them.

Keep on Keepin on.

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