Monday, October 13, 2008

A Day In the Life

I am playing along with Mrs. G and all her wonderful bloggers. We are all blogging about A Day in the Life. Just an ordinary day. My ordinary day is incredibly ordinary, yet I love the simplicity of it. So here goes, boring or not, here is my A Day in the Life.

My wonderful and annoying dogs paw at me, sit on me, and whine, and beg for appx. 30min to 45min while I snooze my alarm and pretend to be asleep. I finally give in and stomp out of bed to feed the little buggers who get to eat everyday before I even begin to think about it. I then go back to bed and let the alarm snooze another 10min.

I finally stomp out of bed again and go through my morning routine of beautifying myself for a cubicle. First, I take a long hot shower in my teeny tiny bathroom. When I get out of the shower, I find that someone named Ruby has made their way back to the bed. Jerk.

After a long drawn out hair and make-up battle in my teeny tiny bathroom, I head to my teeny tiny closet. I stand and stare for a good two minutes at the same clothes I stand and stare at everyday and try to narrow down the outfits in my head that will make me look the most attractive for my cubicle...because I promise you, it really does care.

After the standing and staring at clothes, I then go stand and stare at my jewelry that I stand and stare at everyday and try to pick something different, but end up picking the same jewelry for the previously chosen outfit. This is tantalizing int'it?

Then I decide how I want to smell for the day...because, again, my cubicle cares...deeply.

Then off to work I go. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to take a camera into work, so pics of my wonderful cubicle heaven shant be shared. But just imagine wonderfulness, free coffee, and how good I smell and look while I sit and type at a computer and work so hard all day long at searching for decorating tips for my kitchen and Halloween costumes.

Home, again! My favorite time of day. And who has a cushy life? That would be this girl. But I love her.

After I play with the doogies, I cook myself a good healthy meal. I would normally take a ton-o pics of my food prep...but that would be a whole other blog post in itself...then I forgot to take a pic of my meal before I scarfed it all down. Sorry. But I can tell you about it. Today, we had salmon, rice, and broccoli. We have it about twice a's a house specialty.

And since I had a good healthy meal, I stare at my treadmill and convince myself that it goes perfectly with the rest of my decor.

After hours of our (me and the dogs of course) favorite tv shows and blogging and Internet searching, I let Ruby know that it is time for bed. She looks at me as if to say that I need to carry her to the bed and I look at her back as if to say you are the laziest and cutest dog ever.

To bed we go to continue our wonderful simple life tomorrow.

Sweet dreams.

I would normally walk the dogs after work before I fixed my dinner, but today it was rainy. boo. No walk today. We totally vegged out more than normal.

Keep on Keepin on.

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