Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Where I Found Myself

In the damn "Self-Help/Dating" isle in B&N.

I went to B&N looking for the NY Bestseller now a motion picture due out soon, "He's Just Not Into You" by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tucillo...thinking it would be on the front tables for "Bestsellers" or "New Fiction"...But, No. It wasn't even in the old normal fiction. It is inconveniently located in the "Self-Help/Dating" section...right next to the "Mommy" and "Pregnancy" section. Who thought of that????!!!! Seriously. Someone is really being mean. Who thought rationally that placing self-help dating books for the obviously already stressed about not being able to find a husband let alone have a happy beautiful family books on the same shelf as the happy go lucky I'm soon to be a lucky beautiful mommy books? Isn't this supposed to be self-help and not stab me in the heart one more time with a huge thick sword and then twist it around a few hundred times and point your fingers and tell your beautiful children that it is now very polite to point your fingers and laugh out loud at the single girl who just wanted to read a cute funny book that poked fun at girls and their inability to understand men and unexpectedly found herself in friggin Self-help/Dating?

Anywho, the movie looks like it will be really funny and cute.

I never really thought people gave out their "card"...this is new to me. I asked a friend if people actually make and give out "dating" cards...or if they just give out their business cards...because not everyone has a real business know? Apparently, people actually do this. Not me. I've never done it. I am sooo out of the loop.

I need chocolate.

Keep on Keepin on.


C said...

Hey, hot stuff! ;) I think it's so funny that the Self-Help/Dating section is right next to the Mommy/Pregnancy section! That IS mean!!!

Anyway, I've heard of the book "He's Just Not Into You". A few of my girlfriends have said it was a really good read. I think I heard about it on Oprah once. Not sure though.

I have a funny story for you. A friend of mine had split up with her "person" and went to the bookstore to peruse Dating/Self-Help books...and ended up meeting a really nice guy at the bookstore! How cool is that? He was in the Cooking section and saw her. Too cute :)

Tee hee! I'm guilty (errr...WAS guilty) of giving out my "card". I have business cards. Anyway, I still give out my card...but now that I'm married, only for business purposes!! ;) XOXO

jmcqueen82 said...

so, I am thinking this is one of your best blogs yet.