Sunday, April 03, 2011

What I Done Did: Hair Donation

Since Sparky and I went ahead and tied our little knot this past January, I decided it was time to cut my hair.

One thing people always say to me is either "Oh my gosh, your hair is so long!" or "Oh my gosh, you have such amazing hair!"

Yes, it was getting very long.  I hadn't had a hair cut in almost two years and I was very overdue for one.  I don't very much like to get haircuts because I don't particularly care to pay money to have it cut and then to have it grow right back and then pay to have it cut again.  It's a vicious cycle and I don't care for vicious  a monthly period.  Haircuts are like a montly period to me.  They are high maintenance and expensive.

So, I thought I might as well do it for a good cause.  I looked up some long bob haircuts and made an appointment with the last hairstylist I used a couple years back.  I went in, had her measure out 10 inches, and let her have her way with it.

I'm pretty convinced she dreaded cutting off those 10 inches more than I did.  She was probably in fear that I might start crying.  She doesn't know me very well.  ha!  I was glad to see it gone!  For some perspective:  this was not a one ponytail cut...this was a part my hair in four sections and cut four sections sort of an ordeal.  I'm tired just thinking about it.

wait for it...

whoa nellie!  that's a lotta hair!

Less hair = less shampoo, shorter shower, less water, less hair drying, less time.  woo hoo!  I'm free!


I'm donating it.

win win if you ask me.

After asking a friend who recently went through chemotherapry to remove her stage 4 ovarian cancer, I've chosen to donate the hair to Pantene's programLocks of love is a great donation program as well.

Sparky was a bit hesitant when I first brought up the idea of cutting my hair, but after he saw the cut for the first time, he was instantly in love...all over again that is.  :)

Keep on Keepin on.


Tabbi said...

I love you for doing this....

♥Bree said...

Its really cute..

NooR said...

YEY for you!! I'm going this Saturday to get my hair cut... I am donating it for the children cancer center... For two years I was wanting to do this, but my hair was not long enough, and now finally it is. Im getting 15cm cut off, I am very excited! It is in honor of my grandmother who died of cancer :'(...