Monday, April 25, 2011

Barre3: It's All About The Pants

While having dinner with friends the other night, my girlfriend and I were discussing a little bit about the Barre3 class we take in OKC.  We were trying to explain to our husbands that "it's all about the pants".

We laughed hysterically about this concept...but there is quite a bit of truth and validity to it.

Since I started Barre3 at the end of February, I have been obsessed with searching for the best yoga pants...daily.  I constantly think about yoga pants and I have become a yoga pant snob.  It's sad.  It's also very difficult for a cheapskate thrifty person like me.  I've resorted to chocolate to help my frenzy...but it somewhat defeats the purpose of going to the class.  Unless it's dark chocolate.  That's, I've convinced myself anyway.

Although I heart me some Target, I've decided that I loath their yoga pant selection and have become quite resentful.  Target is supposed to be my go-to for my lavish necessities on a budget.  Sigh.  For a whopping $24.99 or even $29.99 or more, I can't justify the yoga pants provided at Target.  This girl needs some wicking and some long term durability.  I have yet to find this with the supply at my local Target.

I've asked around and done some digging.  After a recommendation to Old Navy for some cheaply priced pants that were "good", I rushed over to a nearby Old Navy to only be quickly disappointed.  The fits on my oddly shaped body and my standards for wicking were insurmountable in this quest.  I did walk out with two great work-out tops, though!  I would definitely recommend their work-out tops.

So, I've resorted to the expensive online shopping for my pants.  This was a very difficult decision.  Unfortunately, the expensive pants I've found are worth every stinking penny spent.  Trust me.  I was very hesitant to splurge on some expensive pants that I had never even tried on, but the moment I squeezed into slipped on my Athleta pants, I was forever changed and convinced of their worth.

The Chaturanga Yoga Tight from Athleta.  My first purchase and my "comfort" pants.  I love these babies. 

The front of the Chaturanga Yoga Tight from Athleta
Then, the next month I splurged again on a pair of pants.  This time I splurged on the Hatha legging from Lucy, and my confidence in these pricey pants is continued.

The Hatha Capri Legging from Lucy.  I love these pants as well.  So comfortable and do not show sweat even though they are a color other than black!

Now, the grand-daddy, big momma of fancy pants are the Lululemon pants and I have yet to splurge on these gals.  These are the pants that most of my Barre3 classmates and the instructors are sporting and all of them absolutely rave about their comfort and quality.  I was waiting to see what the other pants were like before the "big" purchase.  I made a deal with myself that I was allowed one pair of new fancy pants a month.

My upcoming splurge pant is going to be the Mind Over Matter Crop pant from Lululemon.  I know it says the pant is for running, but I think they will be great for this Barre3 class as well.  Plus, I do go for a jog on occasion so these pants will be ideal.  Do you see how I justify this?  The truth is I love the colors and I especially love the little ruffle on the calf area.  It's nice to have options outside of the routine plain black pants...although the routine black pants are still comforting to have as well.

In my searches, I will and would also consider Hard Tail, Victoria's Secret, Express, and The Gap for yoga pants.  I don't have personal experiences with these pants, but I have heard and read good reviews about them.  If I were to get another pair, I would start with the Hard Tail.

Keep on Keepin on.

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Groomy said...

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