Monday, April 18, 2011

Purple and Full of Pride

One of my very many many goals in life (and trust me, there are a plethora; note to self:  blog post on goals), is to be a photoshop wizard.  Now, whether that be self taught or taking a class or just in my dreams, this photoshop wizardry will be accomplished someday and somehow.

I play a lot in photoshop and accomplish very few ah-ha moments.  (note to self:  have more ah-ha moments).  I also purchased way back when not too long ago a Photoshop for Dummies book...which I have yet to start finish perusing.

The other day I took pictures of my one lone little tulip growing proudly in a very sad and dry, red clay consumed, dearth of happiness corner.  Purple and full of pride she was.

So, I delicately primped her up in photoshop and was pretty happy with the results. 

And then, a friend showed me how to place to photos side by side.  Aha!  My first photoshop aha moment! Well, at least that I can remember!  It's not rocket science or anything, but I was pretty darn happy with the event!
Before (left) and After (right)

So, I quickly did one more little photo primping and ended up with the following result.  A little curving, contrasting, and saturation and...voila.

The difference is a bit more subtle than the first tulip but there is a difference! 
Before (Top) and After (Bottom)

I may not be purple like my pretty little tulip, but I am full of pride of my tiny aha moment.

Keep on Keepin on.

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♥Bree said...

The afters really make a difference..makes them POP more.
Job well done.