Friday, April 01, 2011

I'm Crushing On: Three Potato Four

I have the biggest crush on Stu and Janet from Three Potato Four!  They (and their two little kids) are super cute, cool, and awesome.

A friend recently sent me their link and I was head-over-heels in love at first click.  Same friend also got me a sweet little gift certificate and I didn't take much time in spending the little doo-hickey!  My biggest problem was narrowing down what to get!!  My wishlist was super long but since Sparky and I are saving our pennies for our honeymoon this summer, our extra spending money is pretty sparse.  My wishlist will just have to wait for another day. 

My sweet little GC did get me this nifty rad item, though!  I can't wait to set it on my desk and use it to hold my writing tools.  I think it would be cute for flowers and/or plants too.

Mexican Sugar Cane Mold - small $26.00

We recently sourced these beautifully executed reproductions of Mexican wooden sugar cone molds. Pure cane sugar would be melted down into these cones to produce a solid refined sugar cone which would be sold at local markets. This 3-hole sugar mold reproduction is all wood with a weathered antique finish. Measures approximately 9" x 3.25" x 4.5"h.

I also wanted the Large Mexican Sugar Cane Mold but I didn't want to overspend...maybe next time!

A few other items on my wishlist:
Ceramic Ruled Pitchers $16.00

Ceramic Bird Jewelry Dish $20.00

All-Purpose Wire Gym Baskets $35.00

Glass Chickadee Vase $18.00

AND...The grande finale super duper uber DREAM item...Industrial Shoe Factory Rolling Rack.  (I couldn't get the photo to post.  sorry)  Of course it's already sold.  boo.  Isn't it MAGNIFICENT?  This would be an amazing bakers rack for my kitchen with the above All-purpose wire baskets.  I'm swooning in my seat just drooling about it in my head. Sigh.
I'm also loving their original line 3P4The 3-P4 Milk Bottle Carafe - 32 oz. $24.00 might be at the top of my wish list.  cough cough. ahem ahem.


Keep on Keepin on.

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