Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal Wedding = Royal English Accent

I've decided since it's "Royal Wedding Week" that it's also "Speak in a Pretentious Royal English Accent Week"...

I started this pretentious royal accent yesterday and I've already driven Sparky insane.  I might have to be careful about this...

BUT, I just can't help myself.

The accent just comes out all on it's own.  It's like I have an English accent turrets.  It's boggling really.  (Said to myself in an English accent).  My thoughts are even in an English accent!

I guess it's my way of accepting the fact that I will not be walking down the isle this Friday morning toward Prince William.  Royalty is over-rated anyway.  Right?  Besides, I've already found and married my King! (awww.  Sorry, yes, I had to go there.)

Anyway, for some reason, I am excited about William and Kate's wedding this coming Friday.  I have delved deeply into the "facts" of the wedding provided online at CNN's' website.  I have even researched the family tree!  Man, I need a life!

Where does this fascination generate from?  I do remember as a pubescent teen having a large poster of Prince William hanging on my average teenager bedroom wall.  His shiny blond hair and dreamy royal blue eyes made me hopeful that someday he could be mine.  Oh, the unrealistic thoughts that go through hormone changing teenage females' minds!  And then I wondered something...since part of this royal fantasy of mine was more believable due to Prince William and me being so close in age, I wondered if pretty Kate Middleton had these same hopes and dreams as an awkward teen?  I bet so.  I hope so.  I've convinced myself so.

This comparison and thought that Kate may have had a similar poster of a young teenage Prince William hanging on her own average teenager bedroom wall makes this upcoming Royal Wedding extra least for me.  Kate's appeal to most twenty-somethings (and probably most women in general) must be this teenage girl "some day my prince will come" commonality.  Kate does not come from a royal bloodline, but rather than self-made millionaires...or is it billionaires?  I think this "commoner" fact makes Kate more appealing and interesting.  I love her class and how well she has managed "becoming" royal; however critical many others may be about how Kate has evolved. 

Kate will be a beautiful bride.  I hope they couple will have a long, love-filled, and happy life together.  I will probably set my alarm early on Friday morning...5am CST to be exact, to try to catch a glimpse of the Royal Wedding before my 6am Barre 3 class.  I might even have a cup of tea and biscuits (or crumpets?) and cheer out loud in an English accent...just sayin.

Do you have plans to watch the Royal Wedding?  Am I the only crazy girl excited about this?  Surely not.

And as I get all lovey dovey because of Royal English Accent week/Royal Wedding week, I share with you a great little song by the wonderfully talented (and British...) Adele.  The song is "Daydreamer" and I thought it was very appropriate and fitting for this post and William and Kate's wedding.  enjoy!

Now, if only I could convince Sparky to speak in a pretentious royal English accent too.

Keep on Keepin on.  (cheerio!)

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♥Bree said...

i havent heard this accent yet..