Monday, July 28, 2008

No-Romantic Kissing Rendezvous

I have been instructed that it is time for a new blog post. I guess the five people that actually read this blog might possibly want to know what is going on in Babalou's strange mind and, although grateful, I have yet to understand why. Oh, because you love me. Well, thanks so much. I love you too.

Anyway, there has been so much that has been going on in my mind this past week. I guess I could run a short day-by-day play-by-play and try desperately not to completely bore you..because to be honest, my life is not that exciting, BUT I will try to glamorize my not so glamorous life just for you.

Where to begin?........Oh, last Tuesday. Let's see, the EX-monkey (still a monkey and probably worse things, just not mine anymore) moved out. I arrived home from my glamorous job of cubicle daydreaming to a monkey free house. Sigh. Tear. Done. Moving on. I am not that much of a woe is me listen to me sob and cry for months over something I will eventually make myself get over anyway because I can't control it and I am not even going to waste my energy on things or emotions or feelings or stupidity that I can and never will be able to control anyway. So, since Tuesday evening, I have been great and ready to move on with my life.

Wednesday....I cannot even remember what I did Wednesday other than glamorous girl things that were so glamorous that I can't even remember.

Thursday....Oh yeah! It was my birthday! and it was a good birthday. I wasn't expecting anything for my birthday, but the lovely ladies I work with are just that, lovely, and they made sure I was a happy girl on my birthday. They brought all kinds of goodies to set at my glamorous and fabulous cubicle...AND they totally didn't get me cake! Which is the best thing they could have done. For those of you that do not know a very key fact about me, here it is: I HATE CAKE. I don't like it, I have never liked it, and I will never begin to think about liking it. I love brownies and ice cream, and somehow I got both on my birthday at work. Those ladies are super uber lovely.

Also, I spent the evening after work with a couple of friends that are co-workers and a couple of friends that are not co-workers. We ended up staying out until 10pm....wooo doggies! We are dangerous...and glamorous. But, it was truly a good time and I am lucky to have people in my life that care so much to stay out until 10pm on a work night. (I wish I could wink to you right now.)

Friday night was the late night. I stayed up until around 1:30 my house. I am so adventurous. I know. someone should definitely stop me. Actually, this was good. I cleaned and re-arranged things... AKA de-clint (monkey) the house. No more pics of the once happy couple in the same pose over and over again only in different clothes and different events. I would much rather have an empty photo frame because I was too lazy to go through all my pics to find a replacement photo. Sigh. It was one o'clock in the morning! Give a girl a break.

So, here is the somewhat funny story I will reveal to you that happened over the weekend. Let me start by telling you that I normally remember my dreams very vividly. Most times, if I wake up during a dream and I want it to continue, I can make myself go back to sleep so that I can see what happens in the dream. You do it too...admit it. Anyway, I had a dream about someone. No, it was NOT a dirty, raunchy, nasty dream! Get your head out of the gutter, perv-o. My dream was a romantic sweet lovey dovey dream. I know, you are thinking "romantic? has she lost it?" Well possibly, but anyway, it was a romantic dream about someone at work that I rarely ever speak to and never have personal conversations whatsoever. It was the most random person I could have dreamt about and I awoke embarrassed in the privacy of my own home!! So, I will never look at this person the same again because he was a GREAT kisser in the dream. Now every time he walks by my glamorous cubicle, all I can think about is the dream version of him. UGH! Could my mind be more complicated? AND of course, for some ridiculous reason I think he knows I dreamt about him and therefore, I am completely and totally embarrassed every time he comes around. I need to grow up and find an infatuation outside of work.

Oh wait, I have one those too. I'll tell you about my firefighter infatuation tomorrow. Nighty night and sweet dreams. Wait, NO! NO! no, sweet dreams. I don't want to dream tonight. I want to go to work with a dreamless no-romantic kissing rendezvous with nerdy co-worker night. Wish me luck.


Jon said...

Hey, happy belated birthday!

Deb said...

why, thank you so much, mister John! happy be-lated b-day to you...I am sure your b-day has come and gone a few times in your life. :)

jmcqueen82 said...

FABULOUS and GLAMOROUS post! Looooved it! I laughed out loud like three times. Can't wait to hear about the firefighter. (better not be going there until you are the ONLY one going their girl!)

BlondeLittleShit said...

ahhh...nothing better to help solve one's problems than mushy co worker dreams and firemen!

C said...

GAH! A very Happy Belated Birthday!!! What a bad blog friend I am!

First off, thanks to you, I am now craving brownies and ice cream and I have not once craved anything sweet in this pregnancy yet! ;p

Secondly, you always write great posts. Glad you seem to be coping well :) xoxo