Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Firefighter Episodes

About five years ago, when I was a wee little 21 year old bank teller, I met the firefighter. Working at this small town bank, I met many local patrons with money, without money, pretending to have money, or just trying to save money. I met many that just wanted a nice face to talk to as well. Every now and then, I will bump into past customers and they will remember me and want to catch up…it is quite a nice and gratifying feeling.

Bank Tellers often find that there are certain customers that will only want to be helped by them, if possible. There were times when certain customers would wait on my window to become available even if other tellers were available; and same for other tellers, there were times when I was available to help and customers would want to wait on someone else to become available. Strange but understandable, it’s their money.

I first met the firefighter’s dad. He is cooky, personable, nice, and desperate to find his son a girlfriend. As he did with other tellers, he persisted that I should go out with son…whom I had never met or seen. First thought, how fugly or strange or nerdy is his son that he has to persistently beg all the tellers to go out with him? Absolutely not, I thought. So the persistent pestering to go out with his son went on for some time as with the other tellers.

One day, I was helping this strapping, tall, handsome, all-American, all muscle, all adorable, all wonderfully everything I always go for in a guy and was absolutely flirting and drooling all at the same time. Unfortunately, he seemed and acted a little young and unable to maturely handle a conversation with a girl. Oh, well, I can still flirt. You know who the hott-ness was???? It was cooky, personable, nice, and desperate to find his son a girlfriend customer’s son! Oh, I was just smitten after I discovered this little fun fact…I am so IN! His dad loves me! Then I found out he was a firefighter. SCORE!

Hott-ness firefighter lived an 1 ½ away and fights fires for a different town. DAMN!

So, I give up on my hopes and dreams of Hott-ness firefighter and go on with my bank telling ways. Hott-ness firefighter would come in to do some banking every once in awhile an we would banter back and forth. On his days off, he would travel down to town to stay with his family….they are very close. But, I never seriously thought or pursued hott-ness firefighter.

I was still in college at the time, and a girlfriend and I would sometimes go to the local Barnes-n-Noble to pretend to study. On one of our pretending to study trips to the B-n-N, we decided to find a table in the back corner near the photography books so that I could study pretty pictures rather than anything English related. As I am daydreaming and pretending to read, I feel this tall presence walking toward me. I look up and who do I see, but strapping, tall, handsome, all-American, all muscle, all adorable, all wonderfully everything I always go for in a guy, hott-ness firefighter. What is he doing in a Barnes-n-Noble? No way. He likes to read? And he has a Starbucks frothy beverage in hand. So, hott-ness firefighter likes to read and drink coffee?? Is he for real? Can he be any more perfect?

He approaches and we start to banter back and forth. Apparently, he loves B-n-N and goes there quite frequently….(my jaw is dropping and drooling all over my books at this point). He proceeds to tell me that we should “hang out” sometime and then asks for my number! Oh, heck yes, you can have my digits, you beautiful piece of speciman man that you are! And he obviously gives me his number. *****Note to self and other young loverly ladies: If a hott-nees type man wants your number, he is into you. BUT, if he offers up his number to you, then he is soooooooo into you and you got this one in the bag.

And thus began our on and off relationship/friendship/drama without being drama that still continues to this day.
To be continued……


jmcqueen82 said...

oh! The fireman!! Now I remember this story. You told me about that. good grief.

C said...

To be continued????? Oh, Deb! You are so mean! Now I'm curious to find out what happened next!!!