Friday, July 11, 2008

Imagination Prompt

I really wanted to post a blog today and I was really at a loss about what I wanted to blog about. There really wasn't a movie that was released today that sparked an interest in me and not much went on at work. doot dee doot dee doo, what is a blogger to do? So, I googled "blogging ideas" and was given a plethora of website options that could assist me and my blogging anti-creative imagination today. Long story short, this is what was generated from my search:

Did you belong to boy/girl scouts or 4-H? Tell about your experiences.

Why, yes I did you smart little blogging idea generator, you. I was a Brownie for a short period of time. I sold cookies, went camping, and sang crap like "Kumbaya." Well, I did all these Girl Scout things the California way. When I was a wee little Jap girl, my family lived in California about a couple miles away from a beach. I know...nice. Anywho, our California Girl Scout version of camping was some dad setting up a tent in a backyard of someone's house. Whatever.

My most memorable moment of being a brownie occureed at a hayride. I am not sure what the event was or when it happened...I am guessing it was toward the end of my Brownie girl days because this memorable moment was not enjoyable. There was a campfire and there were hay bales sitting around the camp fire (probably not the smartest placement). All these girls were sitting around on the hay bales singing God knows what when I noticed my bum starting to ache a little. I ignored the ache a little bit just thinking I was probably sitting too long. At the end of the evening, when I stood up to leave, I did what everyone does when they stand up from sitting on hay brush your bum to clean it off a bit. Well, something stung when I was brushing my bum ever so slightly. My hand kept hitting something and everytime my hand hit this something I would experience pure agony. What the heck?

There was a thick strand of hay that had pierced one of my bum cheeks! And it hurt so badly when I tried to pull it out! Then it hurt when I tried to walk! What was an 8yr old to do to try and prevent any embarrassment for being the only human being to manage to get a strand of hay lodged into their bum cheek from just sitting and singing Kumbaya??!!

I sucked it up and pulled the thick strand of hay from my bum. I didn't cry and I didn't make a scene. I quickly pulled and then slowly limped away.

Needless to say, camping, sitting on hay bales, and Kumbaya are not on my list of favorite things. But, I do love me some Girl Scout cookies...somoas are my fave.


jmcqueen82 said...

humm.... yet another strange similarity in our completely different worlds. I too was a brownie. I was in girls scouts for longer than I care to admit. BUT the end for me was a strangely similar story.

We were hiking up a mountain when the girl next to me (who also happened to be my arch nemesis) used my arm to get balance tilting mine. I fell down the rock and landed in the biggest most evil patch of man eating cactus I have ever seen.

I had the thorns, spikes, whatever the hell those DEATH NEEDLES are suppose to be called all over my left side from my ankle, shin, thigh, stomach, chest, bicep and even on my face. THERE WERE HUNDREDS.

I was rushed to the camp's nurse's station, where she proceeded to use the dullest damn tweezers in the world to extract those little f#ckers one by one. No anesthetic, no ice, no NOTHING.

Screw girlscouts.

jmcqueen82 said...

oh, and thin mints are my favorite.

Jon said...

I need to find one of those Blog Post Idea sites. I ran out of things to say years ago.