Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stairway to....

Last week, the Monkey of a Significant Other and I meandered downtown to a baseball game. We ended up parking in the parking garage due to lack of other options and because, by-golly, I like parking in the parking garage. But, I didn't realize we would be on the 7th row...round and round we go...or went. whatever.

After the game, we joined the hurd of baseball fans in the adventure to our parked cars. Fun,huh? No. Not when the entire hurd wants to take the only two elevators in the parking garage to get to their cars. Sigh. Most of them are probably only going up two or three flights of stairs...lazies. So, the MOASO and I decided to join another pack of baseball fans up the stairs. Sigh...again.

Do you want to know how pathetic and out of shape my Jap butt is? Ridiculously! My thighs were sore the very next day and I know it was the 7 flights of stairs that did it. I am Super Sad girl.

So, rather than moping and skulking that my thunder thighs are out of shape, I ate ice cream. Just kidding. Well, I did have ice cream but not because I was sad that I was sore.

Monday, yesterday, when I got to work I decided to make a small change. I like baby steps, people. I work on the 5th floor of my building and always take the elevator. I decided to make a commitment to myself and take the stairs EVERYDAY. The elevator is no longer an option.

Day two of 5 flights of stairs and I am feeling pretty good about myself...especially since I do it in heels and the stairway is sweltering and humid. Probably not the best idea to climb in my heels, but hey, I said baby steps, people. And believe me, I am pathetically out of breathe when I am done even thought my 29inch inseam legs are not trudging too quickly.

Now that I have made the commitment to take the stairs, we'll see how long it lasts and how long it takes my thighs to create less thunder. Stairway to less thunder, ya'll...play the ACDC song "Thunder" in your head...that is what I think on my way up those stairs.

Keep on keepin on.

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BlondeLittleShit said...

Way to go Deb! I've just started training for a 5K in October! I'm so out of shape myself! We'll take baby steps together!!