Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Life of Nyxie Rae

I know I spend a lot of time exposing the world to "The Roo."

I have decided that today I will share with you the wonderful life of Nyxie Rae. Nyxie Rae is our foster black lab that has probably forever planted all four paws into our home and in our hearts. She is our "big girl." Nyxie Rae is very protective and very skiddish all at the same time. She is very unsure of others that come into our home until I give an extremely comforting "It's okay, Nyxie Rae. The big bad human won't hurt you."

She has slowly found her place in this home and finally gotten as comfortable as "The Roo." Here is a day in the life of Nyxie Rae:


C said...

Tooooooooooo cute!!! She is beautiful! Our dog is part black lab too, but one would never be able to tell! He's got more of the Husky in him from his dad! Funny, because the rest of the litter all look like black labs! I think that's the reason I picked him. He was the runt...and he was so different! A cute little fuzz ball!

jmcqueen82 said...

oh geez you have the best of both worlds. both of my doggie weaknesses. I LOVE me some bird dogs and I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some big black doggies too.