Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Paris: Episode 1, The Launch of an Overseas Recollection

So, after heavy contemplation and ridiculously unneccessary indecisiveness, I have decided that my Paris Memoir will be posted in Episodes. They will be random, unplanned, and unexpected in hopes to keep you coming back for my pointless and sometimes seemingly endless blurbs. So, without further adieu...I present to you Paris: Episode 1, The Launch of an Overseas Recollection.

Our flight left on a Sunday afternoon but the day was also Daylight Savings. I was plagued with this uneasy feeling in my paranoid mind that I would miss my flight because of possibly setting my clocks backward rather than forward (fall back/spring forward!) or the one clock I continuously checked throughout the day would be the one clock I didn't change or I changed it completely wrong. The result: me checking every clock I could find and checking them every ten minutes. I annoy myself.

Moving on to more enticing moments:

Our arrival to Paris de Galle.

We were greeted by our friend, (we will call her "M") and her friend Sebastian. He does not speak a lot of English and neither Bridget nor I speak a bit of French other than "bonour." Oh well. "M" speaks both languages...sucks for her because this arrival was only the beginning of her constant translating...I still think she makes things up in her translations just to get some entertainment for herself. I would.

Anyway, "M" made a homemade sign she held at the arrival gate to ensure Bridget and I would not miss her. (I apologize ahead of time for what the sign said, but I have to be truthful in my telling of actual events.) Our welcome sign said something to the nature of: "Welcome, Motherfuckers!" The highlight being the "MF" word. Our friend "M" loves this word and is convinced most Parisians do not understand the meaning or offense behind it. And as she yelled the expression and made sure her sign was seen, I found no one who cared. Maybe she is right. So, what did I learn?? I learned you can go to Paris and scream the "MF" word in public and no one will care.

Moving on. I had to tell our "MF" story, but the remainder of this post will be an overview of some of my favorite highlights of the trip.

Bridget fits in. While waiting to have our money exchanged, Bridget bets us whether or not she will fit in the kiddie ride. She won.

I disovered I love escargot! Yum! It doesn't look appetizing at all, but it tastes so good!

I love public transportation! I wish the OKC had some good public transportation.

Even in the Louvre we can't be discreet. AND how do you pronounce the Louvre? I say it as if it is spelled Loove. They (my Parisian friends) say it as if it is spelled Loove-ra. Am I wrong and have I been pronouncing it like a dumb American?

Mona really does look like she is following you with her eyes!! Kinda strange.

Somehow we stumbled upon what I am sure is the only hot dog stand in all of Paris...is it ironic that it was in the gay district?

Eiffel Tower. Can you see me?

Toilettes! Pay per pee. lol.

Lighting a candle in Notre Dame. It cost me 2 Euros! Even saying a prayer is expensive!

I have discovered that I have a lot of photos of me EATING!!! What is up with that? This was the Frenchie's version of fast food. Just like U.S. fast food...it sucks.

And of course, Bridget's broken brella. It started raining while we were at the top of Montmarte and none of us had an umbrella. Luckily (more like duh, they know how to market to tourists!), there were some souvenire shops nearby and we each purchased a new Parisian umbrella for, I think, 7 Euros. Bridget's broke within the first 3 minutes due to the wind. She was not happy. I am still laughing.


Starshine said...

What a wonderful vacation. You are adorable! :)

I have only been to Paris once, but I LOVED every bit of my time there. :) Gorgeous city, no?

I'm with you on loving public transportation. I lived in NYC for 3 years, and only missed having a car a little bit.

jmcqueen82 said...

can't wait for episode 2!!

Deb said...

starshine...isn't it strange? the things we want when we don't have them? i say i would like public transportation, then i wonder if i would really use it...

j...i can't wait for episode 2 too! i have no idea what it will be yet!

C said...

Yippeeeeee!!! This is the post I've been waiting for!! It looks like you girls had an amazing time!

BTW, I agree with you. I think we really are sisters from anotha mutha (and country)! I do the exact same thing with being paranoid over missing my flight/time changes/daylight savings time/checking my watch every ten minutes!!! I annoy myself with that too! LOL! *sigh*

Can't wait to catch Part 2! Oh, and you have to pay to pee??? I'd probably hold it...seeing has how I am extremely paranoid about public toilets. LOL! I know...I am insane. I am just very weird about public toilets.