Friday, April 25, 2008

Fabulous Film Friday


Let's get the formal stuff out of the way.

This is all you get from Yahoo! Movies...not a whole lotta synopsis today:
An accounting consultant, while passing from one job to another, meets a charismatic, womanizing lawyer who personifies everything the numbers cruncher wishes he could be. The accountant delves into an erotic world of underground sex clubs.

Now, on to more important things.

I have Aussie and Scottish love filling my heart today.

Truth be told...I do not even really know what "Deception" is really about other than it's a thriller and it seems like it would be a do-over. A do-over being a film that has already been done with a different cast of characters, different year, different budget, same point, similar problems, similar "thrill moments," blah blah blah...been there, seen it, hated not want to see it again. I want something original, people! -OR- I will absolutely accept Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor in a "my life is a musical" heartbeat.

I just j'adore Hugh Jackman...I mean who doesn't? You are not human if you don't think this is not worth j'adoring:

How can you resist a man that looks soooo good frolicking in the ocean??

I just wanted to throw in another one of him because I can... and I know you will thank me for it.

Now, Ewen McGregor. Another Hottie!

I somehow managed to get a pic of him in a towel too! Go figure. God loves me.

Look at those eyes! uh, your blues make my heart melt.

I don't care what you say...but the tat on the arm is sexy.

So, enjoy your weekend with the image of these hotties in your head. I don't care if you really go see the movie or not. lol.


jmcqueen82 said...

you forgot to mention old jen linley. hehe

C said...

Wow! Thanks for the eye candy!

Deb said...

j. ehhh. it was far more integral for some man drooling. are sooo very welcome. i hope it helps with your sickiness.

Janet said...

I saw Ewan on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson recently; they were giggling like a couple of school girls ;-)

What's wrong with tattoos?

Deb said...

nothing is wrong with tats!!! that's why i said...i don't care what you say. I love tats! some people don't care for them and have strong judgement. i take it you like them too??