Sunday, April 13, 2008

My New Little Gizmo Gadget

If you do not know by now, I will inform you that I am one very frugal little monkey. I wouldn't say cheap, but others might.

I rarely buy anything "fun" because I am obsessed with saving money...a whole other issue of mine on top of many others. So, when I decide that I would like something, I tend to obsess over this "something" for at least two weeks and most times several months. It is quite obnoxious to all that are around me because this "something" will be the only thing you will here me talk about when we are together. I will tell you how much I really really want it and I will tell you all the different places I have found it for a cheaper price. I will tell you my strategy if I were to get this "something" and what I would do with this "something." This is my process, people. You will tell me to go buy it already and shut-up. This is basically what happened with my decision to finally get a new camera.

Last year I had a digital camera. I don't remember what brand or anything special about it other than it was silver and digital. I bought it on a whim a couple of years ago because I needed a camera for a trip and the camera I purchased was just under $100...affordable and justifiable. So, last year around April, when I was moving into my new home, I did something I would not normally do. I left this camera sitting out somewhere in chewing reach of one of my dogs. Of course they -the dogs- found it. And I have been without a camera since. Why? Because I haven't been able to get myself to spend the dinero.

Here was my issue: I had always wanted a NICE camera. I took a photography class in college and found that I loved taking photos...I just never had the equipment and I was always full of excuses. In order for me to have a camera that I would be super happy with, I would definately need to shell out some mullah. So, I sat without a camera of my own for a year.

The past three weeks have been incredibly obnoxious for myself and my clint. After seeing the beautiful pics my sis' camera took, I made the committment to obsess over cameras for weeks and weeks until I found one that was right for me. I should probably get to the point, huh?

I bought myself a camera! It is a Canon PowerShot G9 and I am super stoked about how to use it! It is so rad. I know, it makes me blurt out silly adjectives as if I was raised by surfers.

So, I took some photos and played around with them on my photoshop. I had no real idea what I was doing...but I love black and whites and I will probably cover my home in my black and white photos once I get good at it. Check these out:

My little Roo face.

Mr. Trooper boy.

Miss Nyxie Rae.

And the old gas lamp post in my backyard!

I can't wait to learn how to REALLY use this stuff!


C said...

Wooooooooo hooooooo!!! Yay for getting a cool new camera! Sometimes you just have to pamper yourself a little ;)

I'm one to talk though, because I am much like you! My husband calls me "frugal". I like that term a lot better than "cheap", "miserly", and a whole other adjectives that don't sound very nice! I don't spend much at all because like you, I'm obsessed with not spending if I can.

I really do think you're right about us being related! LOL! ;)

Anyway, I LOVE the photos you posted! They are wonderful!!!

Have fun with that new camera of yours! Happy snapping! ;)

Deb said...

and happy snapping it has been and probably will be. this blog will probably end up turning into my picture gallery at the rate i am going!

but, i think being frugal is a good quality. you and i are lucky we possess this quality. why? because when we are 50 and retired and sitting on a beach at our beach house sipping pina coladas , everyone who mocked us will be wishing they were a little bit more like us when they were younger or super grateful that we love them and they get to come along on our retired rides. :)

C said...

True, true! :)