Monday, April 14, 2008

Just-a-playin Around

Photos by Deb. hahaha. who can name that movie?!!

Anyway. Focus. Here are some more pics as a result of my playing around with my camera...and my dogs. What have I discovered?

1. I have a lot to learn!
2. I need a better and upgraded version of photoshop.
3. My dog Trooper is terrified of the camera and runs away as soon as I grab the gizmo gadget.
4. Ruby and Nyxie are camera sluts.
5. This is so fun!

Although Trooper is a camera pansy, I was able to get one of the best pics of him!

Ruby: "ummm, mother, can you please hold off the picture nazi role you have embraced so suddenly so that I can knaw on this massive stick for a while?

Picture Nazi: "absolutely not you sweet thing you, you just keep a knawing away."

Ruby: "sigh. you can be such an annoying human, mother. well, can you at least get my good side?"

Picture Nazi: "whatever you want my sweet little pumpkin."

Time for Nyxie's close up!

Time for Roo's close up!

Picture Nazi: "Nyxie girl, are you laughing at mommy?"

Nyxie Rae: "tee hee hee tee hee hee. I just remembered that picture you took of Roo that made her look like Jabba the Hutt."

Ruby: "Not funny."


C said...

Awwwwwwww! Those doggies are the cutest!!!

Deb!!! I've got a contest going on right now! Hop on over and enter! The prize isn't as grandiose as the one I won the other day, but it's a good one! XO

Deb said...

i entered! that was fun! i added some extra stuff to try and win some extra candy points. :)

C said...

Deb! I didn't receive the e-mail! You mailed me at cg_lee121875 AT hotmail DOT COM right?

jmcqueen82 said...

Close up of Nyxie : AWESOME!
last one of ruby : hi-freaking-larious!

I am very proud of you for not dragging out the camera search for the usual 6-9 months. This is ALMOST impulse buying for you. Just a few weeks. I am impressed.

Deb said...

Nyxie take that greatest photos! i know...the ruby one is sooo funny! i couldn't resist posting it.

I am so super happy I got the cam. I should come over and take pics of the jakey-poo!

Val said...

Hello, I laughed at your comments of your doggies! Val