Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Must Be Crazy

So after pondering, thinking, eating chocolate, discussing, contemplating, eating chocolate, and having internal battles...Sparky and I changed up everything about our little wedding.

Instead of a September 10, 2011 wedding day, we decided to be even more uncoventional and purposely move up our wedding to January 22, 2011.  Two months from now.  I know we must be crazy.

We had talked about it before and flirted with the idea, but we kept convincing ourseves that it was either going to be bad weather, really cold, short notice, and just a plain bad idea.  Even with all the cons, we knew in our hearts that it was totally for us.  Here's why:

We just want to be married.  We don't want to wait.
We hadn't planned on having a huge extravagent wedding anyway.  We have the perfect venue at our house so the date was up to us.
We seriously LOVE the song January Wedding by The Avett Brothers.
I'm incredibly impatient once I make up my mind.  (The problem is getting myself to make up my mind.)
This would prevent us from eloping or just going to the courthouse which would have probably upset some important people.
We like a challenge.
I think Winter is beautiful.  I'm kinda hoping that it snows.  I think it's romantic.
Most people have a Spring or Summer wedding.  Some have Autumn.  Winter weddings are so rare.
We want to keep it as simple as possible.
The less time I have to spend money is better for the budget.
Did I mention that we just want to be married?

Here are some inspirations that have made me love this new decision:

Let's see if we can pull off a small, intimate, casual and romantic wedding in two months and within budget. 

Keep on Keepin on.


♥Bree said...

I REALLY like the first picture. So pretty.

Cathleen said...

Hey girl. It is Cathleen Megredy ( now Richards) from the Bank. I just came across your blog.

I love January weddings. I course I got married in January so my opion could be effected by that. January weddings are beautiful and becasue you are budget mindful, they are cheaper too.

Jenny said...

Your wedding will be gorgeous! I don't think that is crazy at all. Best of luck.