Thursday, November 18, 2010

Picture Wall

I mentioned a while back about the empty wall in our front living room that was to be dedicated to a few of my piddly photographs.  I actually had the photos up shortly after that post but have yet to post about it. 

I had made a random trip to the local Target, probably out of boredom, and stumbled happily upon some picture frames on clearance.  They were wood frames already matted to 8"x10".  I can't remember now, but I'm pretty confident they were discounted to somewhere under $10 each.  Which was great because I was looking for 4 total!  And 4 frames they had.  I also got a 5"x7" frame that matched.

This is the bare wall before (ew)

 And here are some "After" shots.  (I really need to work on my indoor photo skills.)

Each of our dogs are in a row with a photo of Sparky and I in the middle. awwwwww.

View from my "spot" on the sofa.

And if you didn't notice, I went ahead and splurged on two pillows I was stalking at Target.  I was hoping they would go on sale, but they never did.  I gave in...willingly. 

Keep on Keepin on.

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