Friday, October 22, 2010

Why Men Can't Go To The Grocery Store

Every woman in  the world knows that if they send their manly significant other to the grocery store for something...they will either get:

Items on the list PLUS excess items not on the list
Excess items not on the list; and not the items on the list

We've all learned early on, probably from our dads, about this phenomenom.

Example 1:  My dad

My mother would send him to the store for a few necessities.  He was always good about coming back with the necessities... and a few bags of candy.  Oh, and probably some ice cream.  I'm pretty confident he probably still does this.  I think it's pretty funny and cute.

Example 2:  Sparky

Sparky's #1 problem is that he seriously somewhat lacks in the searching department.  Last week, Sparky suddenly got a random craving for animal cookies.  We have never purchased animal cookies.  So, he stopped by our local grocery store to pick up some animal cookies...with a sense of urgency like a pregnant woman.  He came home infuriated!  The world had gone mad!  They (the grocery store devils) don't have regular animal cookies!  They only have the frosted animal cookies!

Oh, the humanity!  Right?

I personally love the frosted animal cookies.  I, of course, ask why he didn't get the frosted animal cookies for me?  He's soooo incosiderate!  J/K!  He didn't quite think that was so cute.  BUT, he did manage to bring home ginger snaps...ew.  He seriously picked ginger snaps over frosted animal cookies!  Who does that?

Oh, the humanity! Right?

Anyway, fast forward to last night.  I ran by the very same local grocery store to pick up a few choice items.  I happen to be strolling down the cookie isle...-I don't know how or why I would be strolling down the cookie isle...- when without searching and just strolling by...

I see a bag of regular animal cookies.  Lots of them.  Right next to the frosted animal cookies.

ugh.  All I could think was ugh! 

So, I picked up a bag of regular animal cookies for Sparky the Blind...and I'm not saying that I did or that I didn't pick up a bag of frosted animal cookies for myself...but somewhere in the world near or around or in my home last night a frosted animal cookie or a few got eaten...

...and there's a strong possibility a few frosted yummies may have made it into my purse this morning to join me for a day at work...

So, another reason why men can't go to the grocery store is that we end up having to go back to the store anyway; and we buy stuff we wouldn't normally buy...and we get fat.  Haha.  Just kidding!  kinda

But, what would we do without the laughter and the love and entertainment they provide?

Keep on Keepin on.

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