Friday, November 19, 2010

Love in Europe

One of the funnest parts of planning a wedding is...planning a Honeymoon!

I'm so excited to report that Sparky and I just put our deposit down on a romantic trip to Rome and Paris in July.  I know it's a 6 month delay, but I could not let us a plan a trip to France without attempting to be there during the Tour de France for my sweet Sparky!

The Tour de France ends in Paris on July hem...aka my birthday!  So we have triple reason to celebrate that day:  our marriage, the toure, and my b-day!  This will be the most amazing trip/b-day with my new hubby!

I've never been to Italy so I'm so ecstatic to visit this country...AND I have family that lives in Rome.  Summer can't get here any quicker.

 We'll be making a trip to the Vatican museum (which probably makes my mother so very proud and jealous all at the same time)

and I'll get to re-visit the Eiffel Tower now with my new hubby.

and venture back to the Notre Dame de Paris

me lighting a candle at Notre Dame in March 2008

I'm so excited for pasta, baguettes, history, culture, and of course spandex (cyclists)...and of course Sparky!

Keep on Keepin on.

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Jenny said...

WOW! How exciting!!