Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Proposal: Simple and Sweet = Perfect

Ok. I’ll get to it.

Sparky only made me wait what seemed to b a VERY LONG week. I did my best to keep mum about when he would officially ask me if I would marry him. I am an extremely impatient person at times.

Sparky and I are extreme creatures of habit. We normally dine every Friday evening out our very favorite place, The Wedge Pizzeria on Western Ave in OKC. We love the outdoor patio and pizza!

Sparky had asked me months ago if I had any special requests for a proposal. My request was simple. I said I’d really prefer it to be very quiet, intimate, personal, private, and us. I didn’t want anything embarrassing or cliché. I just wanted something simple that represented something he and I do regularly. Thankfully, he listened. One week ago, last Friday evening; we of course went to The Wedge as usual. We sat on the patio at a small two person table amongst many strangers. We did our normal; ordered two waters, a large Trois Pistole with two glasses, and a personalized pizza.

After we ordered our pizza, our normal conversation time started and in the midst of it, he officially asked me if I would marry him. He reached into his little pocket and pulled out the sparkling antique ring and slipped it on my finger. We both reached across the table to give each other a sweet “we are engaged” kiss and it was perfect. Sweet and Simple.

Shortly afterward, the GM of The Wedge, Elena, came by our table like she normally does to just say hello and check how we are doing. We told her that we just got engaged minutes before and she was surprised and ecstatic! She went and told one of our favorites waitresses, Heather, and she came by shortly afterward to give us a congratulations and hugs. They really are just sweet people there and it helps that we see them once a week! Haha!

Now, I normally say I do not like surprises, but Elena and Heather surprised both Sparky and I; and I will never forget them for it. After Sparky and I finished our dinner, I jokingly whispered to him, “Hey, I think we might get free gelato out of this!” - btw...I love their gelato. I love gelato period, but their gelato is extra super delicious to me for some reason. Anyway, then, Elena and Heather came from around the corner. Elena was carrying a HUGE plate of various gorgeous decadent desserts and Heather was toting a bottle of champagne and four small glasses! The desserts included red velvet cake, carrot cake, strawberry cake, chocolate cheesecake, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, another type of really tasty cookies with vanilla icing and chocolate drizzle, and fruits! They popped open the champagne and toasted to us, “To our favorite Wedge couple!” We were so flattered and so incredibly delightfully surprised! I said to them that I didn’t even know they had all those desserts available! And they don’t. They went down the street to another restaurant under the same owners, call the Deep Fork, to get the desserts!

Elena and Heather get super uber kudos from both Sparky and I!

So, there you have it...our ring search and our simple and sweet perfect engagement evening.

And what you all have been waiting for...the ring...

Now, let’s plan a super fun and chic wedding!

Keep on keepin on!


Heather said...

I must say I am a little weepy! How perfect!!! I was super mad at you for making us all suffer this week getting only crumbs of the story but I was STOKED to see there was a new post today!! Beautiful ring, Beautiful couple! Can't wait to follow the journey of the wedding planning!!!

♥Bree said...

I'm so glad that you finally..finished the story.

I'm happy for you guys and i cant imagine a better proposal. You know each other so well. Congrats.

JennavieveM said...

AWWWW!!! I love it!! What a perfect proposal and a GORGEOUS ring! Congratulations Debbie. I am so very happy for you!