Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Proposal: The End of the Search

My heart was only broken for a split second. The wonderful Randy Parsons of the Antique Avenue Market quickly showed me his newest addition to his jewelry collection. It was almost exactly identical to my previously thought dream ring...but this was even more beautiful! This new ring had a band slightly older dating back to the 1880’s rather than the 1890’s, but it was still 18k white gold. The band also still had beautiful engravings on the sides but this time the engraving included very delicate little flowers. It was still a single diamond, but it was slightly larger being 0.67 carats rather than 0.52 carats and this diamond was a mine cut diamond also dating back to the 1880’s. oh, dear. On top of all fit my ringer.

Btw...I have pretty fat fingers. I’m not proud of this; it just is what it is. I never find rings that fit me without needing extensive sizing. Therefore, I just don’t really bother with them. Plus, my fingers swell a lot. I know TMI. But, I just need to stress the fact that this ring already fit perfectly. So this one fact is amazing all in itself.

Anyway, I went home to break the bad news to Sparky that my ring was gone...but he lucked out that there was another I loved that was bigger and even more beautiful. He felt bad, and a bit embarrassed that the other one got away, but relieved that I was so easily satisfied with the new find. I waited...

And waited...

And did even more waiting.

I didn’t dare go back to the to the antique store in fear of the ring being sold again.

I was starting to get frustrated and was just going to scrap the whole idea all together and accept the fact that I’d be searching for another ring soon.

3 months total had passed since he first told be to start searching...sigh.

So, two weeks ago, Sparky and I went on one of our weekly lunch dates and I suggested (jokingly) that we should stop by the antique store. He surprisingly agreed because he wanted to see this ring and see if it was still there or not.

I was so nervous. I was so afraid that we would walk in and sweet Randy would tell me we had missed out again. My palms were more sweaty than usual. was still there!!

I tried it on with Sparky there beside me, and he absolutely loved the ring also. He agreed that it was a very special ring for a very special lady (wink wink). Haha. just kidding. But, seriously, he too thought it was just perfect and the right fit was an absolute anomaly for my tree trunk fingers.

And he got it! Right there. During our last minute stop before we headed back to work. He first asked me if it would ruin the surprise for me if he went ahead and got with me there. I, of course, said “heck no! I hate surprises. This is perfect!”

But he wouldn’t let me have it.

He tucked it away and hid it from me...

To be continued...again... :)

Keep on keepin on.

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Tabbi said...

You're killing me.... such suspense!