Friday, September 10, 2010

Good Times: Baby Style

Babies, Babies, Babies.  Doesn't it seem like they are everywhere lately...or at least on their way?  I'm thinking that with all the snow blizzards and ice storms this past winter, there were a lot of homebound people trying to prevent cabin fever...if you're picking up what I'm throwing down.

Any-who-bee.  I have one friend who has her baby girl due this upcoming Tuesday, September 14, 2010.  Miss Piper will join us in this crazy beautiful world and I can't be more excited for this little bundle to arrive and to hopefully be priviledged enough to show off her beauty on this blog!

Another precious baby girl, yet to be named, will join us in early to mid October.  I'm so anxious to see what name her parents choose for her.  I think it is so wonderful that her parents are going to try to wait until the moment they meet her to choose her name.  I think that will be so amazingly memorable for the family!

With all these sweet little girls on their way, of course there is also one little boy.  Mr. Jaxen is probably anxious to meet all the older women that will be in his life!  tee hee.  Mr. Jaxen will arrive in mid-November, probably just in time for a Thanksgiving feast.  Did I mention Mr. Jaxen will be my kind-of cousin since he belongs to my kinda-cousin through marriage who is also my co-worker who sits two--ish cubes away?  Yeah.  fam.

Actually, I kind of consider all these girls kinda like fam.  Even though they're all super white. 

hahahaha!  kidding!

Ok. Seriously.  They will all be wonderful and beautiful mothers to precious little babies and I'm so excited for all of them.  Since I don't really think I will ever be ready to have my own little wee person, I've been kinda vicariously living through all them.  Trust me.  It's much easier this way.

We've already had two baby showers and another final shower for the mister is in the works.  The two pics below are from Meghan's shower who's baby girl is due in October.

From left to right:  Myself, Bree (preggo with Jaxen), Meghan (preggo with soon to be named chicky-poo), Julianne (preggo with Piper due on Tuesday!!), and Natalie (not preggo, obviously, and super cutie pie with baby plans in the distant future.  She also like to play bingo.  Just sayin.).

Of course there are always fun little baby games at these showers.  I normally lose them all because I know NOTHING about babies.  But this time I rocked the don't say the word "baby" game and gathered quite a few close-pins.  As you can see I only had two close-pins at the time the above photo was taken, but by the end of the shower, my dress had close-pins clipped all the way across.  Oh the powers of eavesdropping and keeping yourself silent.  Muah-ah-ah.

And of course, I'm a sucker for a challenge and I'm normally willing to do the unthinkable and embarrassing things that others won't do...and I'll do anything for chocolate.  Seriously.  Another game was the "guess the melted candybar in the diaper" game.  I just made up that games name by the way.  But that's what the game is.   Anyway, someone wanted a photo of someone pretending to eat the melted chocolate candy.  Of course the "ews" and gags filled the room and then I was like, "OK.  I'll do it."  So, here you go. 

Julianne's facial expression and disgust is the best part.  Totally worth it.

P.S.  A very big announcement is in the works!  To be continued...

Keep on Keepin on.


♥Bree said...

Such a sweet post. It makes me smile. I'm glad that we are kinda cousin's. Haha. So excited to meet the other little ones.

Adair Elizabeth said...
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Heather said...

Now I think we all have been waiting patiently long enough for the big be a doll and tell us already:)