Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rush, Rush it Good

A couple of weeks ago, you may or may not remember me mentioning Sparky and I were both battling sinus infections; and that we had spent most of that particular weekend on the couch, under blankets, and enjoying some tv...which is kind of uncommon for us to not be out and about even when it's blizzard like snow outside.  I had even used a sick day on that Monday because I was still feeling icky.

That particular Saturday, I had woken up feeling great.  The sun was out and the scheduled forecast was sunny with highs in the mid 60's.  It was going to be a beautiful day.  It was a little windy but that's pretty normal for these parts.

Since Sparky races bicycles, one of the training methods he enjoys is referred to as "motor pacing".  We have a little Honda scooter that strongly resembles a little European moped.  I HEART it with a passion!  It's soo stinking cute!  I wish I had pic of it to share with you right now, but I don't!  Arg!

Anyway, on this beautiful Saturday, I agreed to motor pace Sparky.  I would drive the scooter while he drafted closely behind on his bicycle.  We did this motor pace out in the country with few cars around and it lasted about 2 hrs.

As soon as I returned home, I started to feel sick.  I couldn't get warm.  I had the shaking chills.  My whole body started to ache.  I had a horrible headache.  I started to cough.  I started to get a stuffy nose and my nose was definitely dripping more than it normally does.  The only thing that helped was sleep.  Even a hot shower didn't help the aches and pains go away.  I was convinced I had caught a cold or even worse...the flu.

I woke up the next morning still feeling very weak.  I didn't have the shaking chills like the day and night before, but I was still unable to get really comfortable.  All the other symptoms persisted throughout the day and I started to develop a sinus infection.

Monday I decided to stay home from work.  I still felt groggy, weak,  and achy.  My sinus infection was definitely worse.  Drainage was drastic and GROSS.

I'm not much of a doctor visiting kind of person.  I'm not much of a medicine taker.  Rather than go to my family doctor, I decided to try something different.  I decided to make an appt. with Sparky's allergist.  Since my symptoms instantly started after being outside, and putting together the last couple years of reactions to being outside for extended periods of time, I started to think that maybe I've developed small allergies over the past few years.

So, last week, I finally got to see the Allergist.  The moment of truth, am I or am I not allergic to anything?  If you have never been to an allergist (as I had never been), it's definitely an interesting experience.  First, I laid down on my stomach while they stuck my upper back with rows of different things (diluted versions) that people can be commonly allergic.  You lay there for about 15 minutes to see how you react/if you welp up in this areas.  Luckily, on my back side, I was not allergic to any of those things.  I think on my back, the focus was on foods and stuff.

Next, was my arms.  On each arm, they stick you with two rows going down with about 5 or 6 things that are common, especially in this area of the US, that people are commonly allergic.  These mostly included trees, dust mites, cats, dogs, etc.  Again, they wait about 15 minutes to see how you react and if you welp up in this particular areas.  As I sat there and kept looking at my arms, I kept thinking to myself that I'm probably not allergic to anything and that I should have just gone to my regular family doctor for the sinus infection.  I kept thinking I'm probably one of those paranoid idiots!

15 minutes are up.  The Dr. reads off the sizes of my welps to the nurse and I'm thinking, "eh, no big deal."...

Dr:  "Well you tested, positive."

me:  "What?"

Apparently, I am allergic to few things!  Mostly trees and grass.  Go figure.  I am definitely allergic to about 8 trees, Johnson grass, ragweed (very common), and something else that I at can't remember right now.  There was something at every season of the year that will bloom, including winter, that I'm allergic.  Geez.  All the other other things, including dogs and cats, I am borderline allergic!  I have four dogs!  Oh, dear.  Ok, so I am thinking I will probably have to start taking benadryl or claritin or something.  great. 


They want me start taking shots.


Did I mention I hate shots?

Within a couple of hours, I became one of those people that's allergic to their surroundings.  blah.

So, I sucked it up and decided to go through with it.  I started to think about all those days I would like to jog outside, ride my bike, drive the scotter, or even just drive around with Sparky and how miserable I would be afterward!  It all makes perfect sense.  In the past, I just never thought it was that serious and just dealt with it.

no mas.

Today, as I type to you, I am going through what they call "Rush".   I got here at 8am and have been receiving a shot in each arm every 30 minutes.  They are on it!  After my second round of shots, my eyes started to get pretty itchy and watery and I've had a pretty tight heahache all morning.  They had me take an extra anti-histamine just in case since I was already reacting to the second shot and the shots only get a little bit stronger each 30 minutes.  There are a couple of shots that I have to wait an hour in between.  Plus, I have my handy Epi-pen on hand!  Kind of scary.  The whole process will probably last until about 4pm.  I have my handy computer and a couple of books (Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom and Molokai by Alan Brennert) to keep me occupied.  Thank goodness.

Sparky is going to bring me lunch so I'm pretty excited about that.  It's the little things that make the day go by so quickly.

So, enjoy some random shots with my photo booth in my allergy confines!

lovely background, right?

camera one, camera two, camera one, camera two. (name that movie)

I amaze myself at my ability to entertain myself.  I'm sure the nurses think I'm crazy.  Oh well, I can blame it on the shots, right?

Tick tock tick tock

I'm daydreaming of enjoying the beauty of this life without itchy read eyes, sneezing, coughing, running noses, fevers, aching, and headaches.  ahhhhh.  And riding my scooter!!!

So, when this day is over, I have to return for a shot once a week for an hour and a half for 16 weeks.  After that, once a month.  It's all worth it right?

Have you had a similar experience?  Have you gone through "Rush" or have severe allergies?  Share with me.  I've got the time to listen.  ha!

(I'd like to note that the one thing I am definitely NOT allergic to is dust mites.  Go figure.  Most people are at least sensitive to or kind of allergic to dust mites.  Not me.  So, I can clean the house all day but I can't go outside!  ha!  I just have to laugh at the irony of that fact!)

Keep on keepin on.


JennavieveM said...

geez! that sounds like torture!! so, is the end result an immunity of sorts to the allergens? modern medicine, huh? well, good for you doing something about it! shots suck, but they are a part of my life too. welcome to the world of the medicinal junkie.

Deb said...

Yes. supposedly I should become immune to all these pesky allergies. We shall see.

C said...

Urgh. Allergies suck.

You're super cute, Deb! xo