Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm Crushing On: Pillows

I have a bit of an obsession with pillows, among other things such as ruffles, clean sheets, polka dots, the colors white, ivory, grey, brown & purple, boots, dainty dresses, the word "dainty"...just to name a very small few.  But I usual. 


I am crushing on pillows today.  My pillow obsession is the direct result of my current obsession of dreaming about a nice new, affordable and dog-friendly sectional sofa.  Easy, right?  ...Nope.  Maybe when Sparky and I get married we might be able to pull together enough gifts cards for this non-existent perfect sectional sofa that all four dogs could cuddle on with us without it getting disgusting.  But I'm even doubtful it can happen then too.  boo.  For now, the dogs combined with fabric sofa is off limits.  double boo.

Anyway, I hate our current sofa but I guess it will have to do.  The color is all wrong and the style defintiely doesn't match us or anything in our home.  It is our huge embarrassing eye sore in my opinion.  If you saw it, you'd probably totally agree and cry with me.  I can't even find a white slipcover to fit it that could make it easy on the eyes for now...that's how bad it is!  So, I've been obsessing over pillows this past year hoping that if I cover the sofa with a ton of wonderful pillows that it will make it all better.  But, I have to consider that the pillows will have to match any future perfect sofa that will hopefully come into our life.  I think I will have to break down and ask the cliche seamstress Asian mother to help me make a slip cover to help ease my ugly sofa woes.

But, until then, enjoy my pillow picks for today.

The Love Heart Pillow by Alexander Girard from UO for $38.  You've probably seen this's pretty popular for obvioius reasons.    I heart it a lot.

The Hand and Dove Pillow by Alexander Girard from UO for $38

And my personal fave that I might actually splurge on (and possibly two!) is The Ruffle Strip Pillow from UO for $28!!  Are you surprised?  It's white and has ruffles.  Of course I love it!

And just because I have a crush on sitting on the floor to be closer to my dogs, I'm throwing in this lovely Patchwork Floor Cushion from UO for $68

Although the idea sounds great, I would hate to have this lovely get icky from the dogs, so I would actually love to use two of these pillows as big pillows on my sofa with the smaller pillows in front. 

I can imagine and obsess of all the loveliness of a huge comfy sectional with all these pillows thrown together.  How great it would truly be!!!

Keep on Keepin on.

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