Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our Motley Crew

Last Saturday was a beautiful day...unlike our 1st day of Spring, blizzard-like conditions of today.  boo.  I took advantage of last Saturday's beautiful conditions and ...again/of course...I took pics of the dogs.  I am a pathetic dog mother that takes TONS and TONS of pics of her dogs.  Yes, I am that person.  But they are such great models! 

Case and point...

Meet Chewy.  He's our 14 yr old mut.  We don't really know what he is and have thought about doing a doggy DNA test, but part of the Chewy Charm is his mystery...and his stench.  Yes, being 14yrs old does not come without your fair share of natural odor.  But he's so incredibly sweet and loving that you normally forget your nose is invaded by awfulness.  He's also really spunky for being 14 yrs old and his best friend is the youngest of the "motley crew", my little Ruby.  They play constantly which is great since it hopefully keeps him young at heart.

You all probably recognize Ruby, aka "the roo".  Ruby is my the little baby.  She is half bassett/half beagle, aka ...wait for it...a....BAGLE!  ha!  love it.  Anyway, she and Chewy are best of buds and I think they have a bit of dog-romance.  It's so cute.  Ruby loves the sunshine and sticks.  Yes, sticks.  I save many dollars and cents not buying dog toys for her becuase of her love for sticks.  She's not too bad at playing fetch either!

You've also seen Harley on here a few times.  She's the brat...for sure.  She's all of 3lbs but is everything bossy, stubborn, snobby, spoiled, and Alpha.  She does almost whatever she wants.  Well, I do get on to her about a lot of stuff.  I, unlike Sparky, try to make sure she knows she doesn't get special treatment from the other dogs.  She totally loves me more than Sparky for this and he gets uber jealous!  tee hee!

This is Macey.  I rarely get pics of her because she hates having her photo taken.  She instantly runs away or strategically places her back to me everytime the camera comes out for photo fun.  She hates it with a passion.  She also hates other dogs.  Not in a mean violent way, but in a I'm-not-a-mangy-dog-like-you kind of way.  She seriously thinks she's human and possibly superior to humans.  Total snob central.  But, she has her moments of weakness when all she wants is to be loved by you and it's totally worth the snobbiness.  Plus, it helps out that she doesn't want too much attention because the other three "motley crew" members need and beg for it constantly.

And below are some additional photo fun shots with the dogs... and Sparky.  As you will notice, Sparky loves his little Harley...he is the reason she thinks she can do whatever she wants.  She totally dominates him.  Not me.  She knows who the real Alpha is.  Ha!

Sparky has no chance against this 3lb-er in a match-up.

Ruby strongly dislikes being groomed.  I think she was gettin "told" here.  In your face little bagle.

Again.  spoiled.

Boy time!  Chewy loves to play with Sparky. and vice versa.  Just hold your nose!

 I think this pic speaks for itself.  I shouldn't have to remind you about this little thing.

So, since I'm getting new to photo taking and completely loving it, let me know if you enjoy the photos I've been sharing.  Let me know what you would like to see more photos of and I can attempt to take photos of what you suggest! 

Plus, of the photos in this post, which do you like best?

Keep on keepin on.


Adair Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the last photo. Girl you are SO good at photography! Keep it up!

Deb said...

Thanks, Miss Adair! I think we need a spot to see your wonderful photos too!!!!

JennavieveM said...

yep, you rock the camera girl! the last one is my favorite too.

C said...

Cuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!! They're all super adorable, but I have to say the last one is my fave!! Too cute!