Thursday, September 11, 2008


So, yesterday afternoon, my friend that works for the same company as me, came over to my desk to fill me in on some news. Back track: My ex and I still have mutual friends and things get shared down the pipeline. So, back to yesterday....apparently, my ex had a tooth that “blew up”…her words. Instantly I am thinking...What? Huh? I have never heard of that happening! She told me that it happens when someone has a cavity that hasn’t been taken care of and that it will just blow up...I am guessing that it would have to be pretty bad for it to just blow up. So, now, even though very unfortunate and regardless of his wretchedness, I hope it all turns out well. He has to have gum surgery or something. I was kind of in awe at the randomness of the story and the situation, and asked my friend, “How does that happen????” She non-chalantly replied, “Karma’s a bitch.” And she laughed hysterically. Have I ever mentioned that I love my girlfriends?


Tina Dremel said...

Love Karma!! ;)

C said...

LOL! Gotta love good girlfriends! Sorry to hear about your ex-person's tooth, but that is a funny story :)