Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Was anyone else absolutely in love with Beverly Hills 90210...the first version from the 90's? I was! I was! My arm is up and my hand is waving in the air. Is anyone else slightly disappointed that they-they being the t.v. gods- brought 90210 back with a new vamped up younger version? I am! I am! Yet, I catch myself checking out the new cast on the CW tonight and finding there is something that I like.

Meet Ryan. He is a teacher at West Beverly High.

This is the difference between the tween me and the current me...I now go for the teacher rather than the hot surfer high schooler...although, ONLY if I was 12 years old would I go for the kid who plays the sweet cool surfer dude.

Oh, how the times have changed. And on top of that...NKOTB is back! Their new album released last Tuesday and I am still contemplating buying it....

Is there some kind of milestone in life when all your favorite bands and shows from your high school years come back with new vamped up versions targeted for the "young-ens". Or has the entertainment industry completed washed itself of any new creative and original ideas?

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