Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Firefighter Episodes...My First Memories

It was the end of my spring semester and summer was in the air. The air was sweet. The air was full of excitement. The air was full of strapping, tall, handsome, all-American, all muscle, all adorable, all wonderfully everything I always go for in a guy, hott-ness firefighter. But, like I said, he lived over an hour away in a different town fighting fires far far away from me.

The anticipation in waiting to see him, in waiting for him to drive back to town was excruciating. A good part of the anticipation was that I knew he would always drive back to town on his four days off and the best thing about firefighters' schedule is that they are normally three days on and four days off. I couldn't wait for his four days to start all over again. I always imagine him smiling and singing in his truck on his hour long drive. Oh, yes, he drove a truck. What else would you expect?

So, our days and nights together in getting to know one another were filled with driving around in his truck, relaxed dinners, cozy walks at the park, movies, and lots and lots of laughing. Primarily laughing. He'd laugh at me, I'd laugh at him, and we would laugh at just about anything and everything. His laugh and his smile are just mesmerizing. I can always tell the difference when he thinks something is somewhat amusing and when he really thinks it is hilarious and it makes him incredibly happy. His smile and the way it crinkles his eyes always gives away his true happiness.

I have three very fond memories of the hottness firefighter and I from our first summer. The firefighter and I enjoyed doing simple things together. One of our favorite simple ways to spend time with one another was to sit at Starbucks with our frothy beverages and play Chess. We loved playing Chess against one another. I think it was an excuse to sit across from each other with little distance between us for long periods of time.

My second memory is very far from Starbucks and Chess. We were driving around in his truck and he was taking me somewhere that was supposed to be a surprise. We were out in the country a little north of our town and I had never been in the area. There were just fields and fields and very little sign of civilization...but it was so beautiful. The sun was beginning to set and the Oklahoma Summer Sunset in the country is absolutely breathtaking. We pulled off the dirt road and started driving into a field...eventually there was absolutely no road and we were just driving through grass.

At that point, I had no idea what the surprise could have been. Then, out of no where I start to see a body of water and realize there is large pond ahead. He parks his truck facing west, facing the pond, facing the sunset. What on earth is he doing? Instantly, I think...and say, "Oh, my gosh! Are we trespassing on someone's property???" "Of course not," he coolly and laughingly tells me. "This is my family's land." Well, of course it is, I think to myself. Of course your perfect existance has property like this in your family. Romantic private pond and all.

He continues to tell me how he remembered I had mentioned a while back that I had never shot a gun before and how I always wanted to try. I know. Random. So, we get out of the truck. He tells me that he thought this spot was the perfect spot to show me how to shoot a gun. Apparently he grew up doing these silly boy silly country things. Silly city girl me. I know this may not be the romantic twist you may have been waiting for, but at the moment, and to this day, it was one of the most sincerest gestures and memories I have in my heart. He stood behind me and showed me how to hold the gun. He towered over me and his muscle arms wrapped around me to hold the gun for me as I played the damsel in distress role...and I felt incredibly safe. I felt an incredible amount of emtions. I learned to shoot a gun that night for the first time. And I learned I was absolutely hopeless when it came to this hottness firefighter. And this was only the beginning.

My last memory of our first summer together was our overnight camping trip...

To be continued...


C said...

To be continued...Ahhh, Deb! You're killing me!!!

Sounds like you've got some very wonderful and very yummy memories of Mr. Hottness Firefighter!!! Gah!

P.S. You, my friend, are a super star. I still don't know how to play chess! LOL!

Love your posts, girlie! xoxo

BlondeLittleShit said...

Way to leave us all hanging Deb. I'm begining to find out that I never really got the whole story on this Firefighter man.

jmcqueen82 said...

I am with Bridget here! Sheesh.

what a story. (what a storyteller!!)