Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More "Twilight"

So, I did go back to the B&N the day of my previous post, but I got "New Moon" (the second book of the series) only...they did not have "Eclipse" (the third book of the series.) The reading obsession of vampires continued. I finishd "New Moon" late Monday night/early Tuesday morning around 2 am...if I didn't have to work on Monday, obviously I would have finished the book sooner. But life still does exists outside of this vampire love series...supposedly.

I forced myself to wait until the next weekend before I would head back out to B&N to buy "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn"...it was SO difficult! I thought I was the only crazy non-teen reading and obsessing about this vamipre series...I was and still am so wrong.

I had dinner and drinks with friends/co-workers last Wednesday evening after work. Someone in the group that I did not know very well brought up "Twilight"...something along the lines of "Has anyone heard of this new book series about vampires?" DING! I automatically perk up. Why, yes, yes I have...and I have absolutely no life now because of it and I swear up and down that there is the perfect Edward-like vampire out there just for me. Sigh. I didn't really say that out loud, but I was pathetically thinking this over and over in my head. Anyway, so he continues on about how his boss loves this book and stayed up all night reading to finish it. Whew. I am not the only one. So the group starts asking questions and discussing this book and of course I am so giddy inside.

Later in the evening, as the conversation has switched from vampire love to normal adult content, another co-worker/friend shows up and pops a squat next to me. Instantly, she asks me if I like to read. Ding. Why, yes, yes, I do. She asks me if I have ever heard of "Twilight"? Ding. Why, yes, yes, I have...and I have absolutely no life now because of it and I swear up and down that there is the perfect Edward-like vampire out there just for me. Sigh. Again, I didn't actually say that, but I was thinkiing it over and over in my head. My friend is so ecstatic that someone else her age loves the book so much and we start to talk about the characters and the book and how it is so strange how much the story engulfs you when you are reading.

I slowly discovered that there are so many adults reading this vampire love story and it is not just me. Women at work that are grandmothers are absolutely in love with this book series also. So many different people that I would not have expected to be reading and loving anything to do with vampires, are absolutely in love with Edward...the main vampire love interest.

So, this past Friday, I could not get out of work fast enough. I darted over to B&N and bought the final two books of the series, "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn." My Friday evening was all about "Eclipse"...and of course the wonderful speciman of a man that is Michael Phelps in a speedo. I had to force myself to go to sleep and only agreed with myself since I knew I had all weekend to get in my fair share of Edward and Bella.

Saturday. I don't know what happened to Saturday. Oh, yeah. I read. I woke up around 8:00am and instantly picked up the book. Still laying in my bed in my pj's, I realize it is almost 2:00 pm. OH MY GOSH! Oh well, I didn't have anything to do anyway besides clean, do laundry, go to the grocery store, acknowledge my dog's existence, acknowledge a world outside of my house. So, I move on to "Breaking Dawn" the final book in the series. This one is daunting. Almost 800 pages. My evening came and went. Midnight came and went. 4:00 am and I had to force myself go to sleep.

Sunday, I forced myself to get out of the house. I had lunch with friends, and of course the conversation was consummed with this book series. Afterward, I came home and conintued on with my vampire love saga. I needed to just get it over with at this point. I couldn't let this obsession continue on into another week. I finished the final words around 2:00 am. Sigh. All over. In one week, I read over 2000 pages of this vampire series and now it is all over.

I have not talked to one person who does not love this vampre love story. If you have not heard of it, check it out. The movie release date has been moved up to November 21, 2008.

Now, I have to get back to life and stop wishing and hoping that I could fall in love with a vampire like Edward.

Plus, I had a date last night. I'll tell you about that later.

Keep on keepin on.


Mrs. G. said...

A date, huh. Come on, we want the details. That's it-I am going to have to read these damn vampire books.

jmcqueen82 said...

finished it last night.