Sunday, August 10, 2008


The new popular book series by author Stephanie Meyer is all a buzz. And I had no idea until yesterday.

I must have been living in my own little bubble for quite some time because I had never heard of this new Best Selling series. I had a coupon to the local Barnes-N-Noble, and yes, of course I have a membership, so I was on the prowl yesterday for a new book to read. My friend, Jenny-poo, and I had about an hour to kill before our very girly, newly released movie was scheduled to start (I will talk about that separately...can you guess what it was we saw?), so we decided to go the B-n-N to find myself a new book and so I could use my coupon before it expired. ****I hate wasting a perfectly beautiful and valid B-n-N coupon because I feel like it is something I really earned...don't hate me because I am so frugal and strange. Anyway, so I kept telling Jenny-poo that I wanted something really good. Hmmm. That really narrows it down, huh?. I walked around completely lost, looking from cute book cover to cute book cover to some "who thought that was good idea?" book cover...and was totally bored and un-inspired. I even skulked around the "thought provoking" go. Nothing.

I had already perused the "Best Seller" wall because that is what I always do first. I can't break my habits even when in public, I don't think I have ever not skipped on over to the "Best Seller" wall or table or isle when first entering a book store...I have never really been disappointed, so I stick with what works. So, my first try on the "Best Seller" wall was more of an "" rather than an "..awww,oooooh, I want this one." Then, poor Jenny-poo was trying to be so helpful by trying to pry out of me what kind of book I was looking for when I had absolutely no inclination of what I was looking for....seems to be a motif in my life...but I digress. So, finally we head back on over to the once already perused "Best Selling" wall and I sigh inside and probably outside thinking this is going to be an absolutely unsuccessful book trip and I will be totally depressed until the girly movie we are about to see in 30 min actually begins.

I had noticed two shelves of black books on our first glance at the "Best Seller" wall, picked one up and put it back to move on to the next shelves. On the two shelves, although each book had the similar black overall look, the pictures and titles were different. On our second trip, after taking a second look at the black books with pale white arms and hands holding a bright red apple, it dawned on me....or more like Jenny-poo let me in on the huge secret....that the black books were a series. OHHHHH. ****Sometimes I really wonder how I got through college because I can really be so dense sometimes. Then, after reading the back cover, yet again, it dawned on me the book was about vampires. Again, back to the dense thing, the pale obviously vampire-ish arms and hands didn't quite register in my head. Neither did the combination of the pale vampire-ish arms and hands with the title, "Twilight." DUH. And I was obviously oblivious to the magnitude of the book series' greatness....because uhhhhh, it was already a "Best Selling" series that I had never heard about yet. I am so behind the times.

After lack of anything else that really triggered any interest, the vampire arms won my heart. You know what is super sad? I almost talked myself out of buying the first book because I thought it was too long. The thought of trying to read 500 pages was absolutely not appealing to me. I like to read multiple books that are shorter in lengh, not one 500 page monstrosity. But, I like a challenge...sometimes, and walked out of the B-n-N with "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer.

After I got home from my girly movie watching ways, I walked in my house and layed the B-n-N bag with its 500 page dead weight novel on my dining table. I instantly blocked the thought of trying to submerge myself into a 500 page novel and anticipated I would never finish it. It had been years since a book over 250 pages has not bored me enough at some point that I had to stop and put off trying to push myself to finish it at a later time...yet I love to read. Yes, I am complicated.

A few hours later, while relaxing on the couch and watching the mens gymnastics olympics and absolutely anticipating seeing the beautiful speciman that is Michael Phelps in a speedo, I remember the 500 page monstrosity laying patiently on my dining table. Sigh. Well, the beautiful speciman that is Michael Phelps in a speedo isn't schedule to grace my t.v. screen for a few hours. Maybe I can kick back some chapters of this vampire mystery before the highlight of my night that is Michael Phelps in a speedo...yes, I know, I need to get out. Leave me alone.

OH, MY, GOOLY GOOLY, HEAVEN TO BETSY, GOSH! Where did my Saturday night go??? To a 500 page vampire story, that is where. I started the amazing book that is "Twilight" around 5:00 pm last night and I finished it around 7:00 am this morning only stopping throughout the night for tinkle breaks...and the beautiful speciman that is Michael Phelps in a speedo. I could not put the book away. I could not put the story out of my mind. I could not get the image of the characters out of my head. I could not stop wanting to know what happened next. I could not not be bored. There was no boredom. I HAD to keep going. I needed to get to the end. I got to the end, early this morning. No sleep, no dinner, it was almost my normal breakfast time, and I wanted to know more! I wanted to still know what happens to Bella and Edward! Oh, thank goodness, there is a sneak peak into the sequel, "New Moon"! Done. NOOOO. I need to know more! Sigh. I force myself to go to sleep and wake up around 11:30 am still reeling in my head this magnificent tale I have just been told. Uggh. Great. Now I have to go back to B-n-N today and get the rest of the books.

So, seriously. "Twilight" is amazing. The character development is phenomenal. The setting details and the action are so vivid. The constant suspense is, well, constant. Meyer has brought to the table an incredible love story that even the most non-vampire fan will definitely be intrigued and appreciate. Plus, "Twilight" is her first book, can you believe that? Check out her website. ...And, new to me and probably not to you, there is a movie being made that is schedule to be released in December. Here is a trailer. I don't think the move trailer really highlights the love story well at all. There definitely needs to be a new trailer for this movie. I hope the movie lives up to the book. Let us cross our fingers.

So, the book series consists so far of four published books: "Twilight", "New Moon", "Eclipse", and "Breaking Dawn". "Breaking Dawn" was recently released around the first week of August, I am not sure about the exact date. On its first day, it sold around 1.3 billion copies! Gosh. What hole have I been living under? Anyway, in actuality, I probably won't run back out to B-n-N today to get the last three, but I might. I need to not engulf my entire weekend on this series. So, I will try to hold off until next weekend and probably take a nap this afternoon instead.

Happy vampire reading.

Keep on Keepin on.


Becky B. said...

I am a HUGE fan of this series. I had Aug.2 on my calendar so I would remember to order Breaking Dawn for my Kindle. I am still reading The Host. A stand-alone written for adults rather than teens. It is pretty good but not as good as the Edward and Bella story. So glad to find out I am not the only grown-up who loves these books. Didn't know about the movie....thanks for letting us know.


C said...

Oooooh! I'm going to have to check out the series! Sounds really good!

How have you been, Deb? Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! :)

Erica said...

Hi there! - I was over on the FWJ website and was looking through old posts when I ran across your blog link. This new series looks pretty good - I've never heard of them. I especially loved the firefighter stories though - good-o! Who'd have thought the best place to meet a hunk of a firefighter was at the bank?

- E